Burleigh Brewing Company – Hefeweizen 5% Alcohol

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009


I have said and i will say it again Wheat beer is not my favourite genre, but it was hot today an i felt like trying something a bit different so i decided to crack a bottle of the Burleigh Brewing Companies Hefeweizen. Pouring into a glass the beer greets you with a clear pale straw coloured liquid a medium amount of carbonation covered with a white head around 1 – 1/2cm tall. The aroma was pretty good and consisted of wheat, coriander, cloves and citrus, mostly lemon and lime. One the palate this brew was light with pepper, clove and lime notes ending clean with an mild honey aftertaste.

Verdict: Once again not my favourite style but this number is very refreshing and fairly drinkable on a hot summers day. This beer is a limited release so if you come across it by all means give it a go!

Score: 6.8 / 10

Link: Burleigh Brewing Company

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Red Oak Blackberry Wheat Beer – 5% Alcohol

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009


This number comes in a smaller than average 250mL bottle, but they seem to have packed just as much flavour into this brew as a normal size bottle . Pours into a glass a cloudy purplish tan colour with a medium level of carbonation and a large fluffy loosely packed head. The aroma is great, straight after pouring a smell very reminiscent of apple cider is hard to miss although this seemed to dissipate quickly, leaving a bouquet filled with notes of rock melon and roses.

On the palate this brew hits hard and sharp bursting with fresh blackberry flavour, notes of tropical fruit mainly melons and citrus are also fairly assertive. A tang hits near the back of the palate, although this seems to calm down a bit as the brew gets warmer. Other than the tang the beer ends very clean leaving a lingering sourness that’s not unpleasant.

Verdict: Refreshing packed full of fruit flavour great for something different. One small bottle and i was feeling very satisfied though, great beer but after one my palate was feeling worn out.

Score: 7.6 / 10

Where to buy: The Red Oak Cafe is located at 201 Clarence St in the city CBD and is well worth paying a visit.

Link: Red Oak Beer Cafe

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