Burleigh Takes Gold

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Queensland’s Burleigh Brewing Co has proudly announced today its success at the Word Beer Championships in Chicago bringing home to Australia 2 gold medals. The two winning brew were:

Burleigh Brewing Co. My Wife’s Bitter.
Pale amber colour. Light toffee, toasted bread aromas follow through on a soft, supple entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with great balance and subtle hops on the chewy malt accented finish. A great interpretation of an English mild with a touch more sweet malt and spot on hops.
Awarded: Gold Medal
Judges Rating: 91 points (Exceptional)

Burleigh Brewing Co. Duke Pale Ale.
Brilliant amber colour. Nicely balanced toast, praline, and citrusy hop aromas and flavours on a crisp medium palate with a long, refreshing lightly piney hop finish. A spot on American style pale ale with seamless balance and an attractive fresh hop character.
Awarded: Gold Medal
Judges Rating: 92 points (Exceptional)

For more info on the complete Burleigh Brewing Co range be sure to check out their website at http://www.burleighbrewing.com/

About The Competition

Founded in 1994 the World Beer Championships is one of America’s oldest international beer competitions and was started by the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI). Beers are rated by judges using blind tastings on a 100 point scale and accolades awarded to brewers using a medal based system.

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My Wifes Bitter

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Gulf Brewery – Humpback Pale Ale – 4.2% Alcohol

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

In a glass the Humpback Ale appears an orange / amber colour with an above average level of carbonation, and a head around 1cm in height which didn’t hang around for long before subsiding down to nothingness. On the nose this brew is fairly restrained with some slight citrus, caramel and straw aromas coming through.

On the palate malt driven caramel and toffee notes take the lead with the mild english hops kicking in around the halfway mark adding marmalade, tobacco and some citrus notes. Further toward the back a lot of smoke flavours seem to appear before ending slightly sweet with a heavy citrus twang.

Verdict: I wasn’t expecting the smokiness at all and for the first few sips found it a little too aggressive. Further along though my palate seemed to adjust and it added a nice bit of complexity to the flavour. Overall a great English style Pale Ale, which I look forward to enjoying again!

Score: 8.0 / 10


Where to buy: This beer is available from the Australian Hotel located in the Rocks.

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Pigs Fly Pale Ale 4.6% Alcohol

Monday, February 8th, 2010

This beer hails from the Bowral Brewing Company, not sure what their output is but I hadn’t seen this drop for sale until I stumbled across it in the “tunnel of beer” at Hunter Valley Wine Cellars in the Hunter Valley over the weekend.

In a glass the beer appeared bright amber in colour with an above average level carbonation and a thick loosely packed head riding atop which took some time to die down.

On the palate a mild bitterness seems to kick in without delay and continues right till the end. The mouthfeel and body are great, malt flavours predominate accompanied by a fruitiness that seems to change as it travels the palate transforming into lemon related flavours near the back.

The aftertaste is pretty simple, slightly sweet with a mild fruity bitterness which hangs around for a minute or two before leaving.

Verdict: Not too bad, just nothing overly fantastic either. Very easy to drink although it left me feeling something was missing.

Score: 7.2 / 10

Link: Bowral Brewing Company

Where to buy: Seems even though I hadn’t seen it for sale its all around Sydney look here for a full list of stockists.

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Kosciuszko Pale Ale 4.5% Alcohol

Friday, November 13th, 2009


Dr Chuck Hahn has recently left his post at the Malt Shovel Brewing Company and headed up to the Snowy Mountains to setup the Kosciuszko Brewing Company which falls under the Lion Nathan umbrella. Based at the Banjo Paterson Inn, and the Brewery can boast being the highest brewery in Australia!

Cracking a bottle and pouring it into a glass i was greeted by light amber coloured liquid with a nice tightly packed creamy white head around 1.5 – 2 cm in height which died away fairly quickly. The aroma of this brew is fairly inviting with brown sugar, toffeee and apple notes. On the palate the beer had a medium mouth feel, taste-wise it leads with toffee, caramel notes. Herbal and floral notes come through about mid palate as the hops assert their presence in the piece and toward the back honey accompanied with apple, melon and the odd hint of banana can be noticed. The beer finishes fairly dry with a slightly sweet tangy after-taste that is not at all unpleasant.

Verdict: Not bad but nothing fantastic either its a pale ale thats drinkable enough but nothing you would head too far out of your way to get.

Score: 7.2 / 10

Link: The Banjo Paterson Inn

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Hawthorn Pale Ale – 4.7% Alcohol

Sunday, October 11th, 2009


Poured from the bottle with a nice creamy head around 2cm in height which sticks around for awhile before collapsing to a thin white covering. The aroma is comprised mostly of caramel, malt sweetness with some hints of mango.

On the palate this beer has a medium mouth feel which leads the way with some hop bitter spiciness that transforms into malty, caramel flavours accompanied by the odd hint of citrus and tropical fruit. The ending is fresh and crisp with a slight twang that leaves you wanting more.

Verdict: A great pale ale easy to drink, and constantly spurring on the drinker to take another sip.

Rating: 8.1 / 10

Link: Hawthorn Brewing Company

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Kooinda Pale Ale – 4.7% Alcohol

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

kooindaPours with a minimal head, slightly cloudy in appearance, lightly carbonated and bright straw in colour. The aroma is full of caramel and fruit notes, mango and lemon predominating.

Fresh apple flavours dominate the front of the pallet, working to an apex of fresh floral hops, citrus, toffee and caramel flavours as the brew moves further over the palate. A slight pepper spiciness also seemed to linger for a little while after every sip.

Verdict: Pleasant enough for something different, bit intense though to enjoy more than 1 or 2 during a sitting.

Aroma: 8/10
Appearance: 5/10

Link: http://www.kooindaboutiquebrewery.com.au/

Where to buy: This is another Victorian micro brew that at present come as far north as the border, so the only option for us New South Welshmen is to buy a case from the breweries website.

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Three Troupers – 4.5% Alcohol (Vic)

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

three_troupersSpring is just around the corner and already the weather is starting to warm up, leading most of use to cut down on the on the Dark Winter stouts in search of something lighter that can quench a thirst with minimal fuss. Three Troupers seems to fit this description well with their pale ale fairly light and easy to drink you can see yourself wasting time, sitting in the backyard and enjoying a few of these.
Appearance wise is pours a bright golden colour with a creamy head around two fingers in height which slowly dies back over the space of five minutes to leave a fine lace covering. The aroma is not overly assertive and consists of slightly sweet smelling honey and citrus (lemon is mostly what i got) tones.
On the palate this brew has a pleasant fresh hop bitter with caramel notes and lemon flavours that make their presence known close to the the back of the palate.

On the palate this brew is slightly bitter with caramel notes and lemon flavors that present themselves near the back of the palate.

Verdict: An easy drinking pale ale, on a hot summers afternoon I could picture myself easily demolishing a 6 pack of these.

Appearance: 8.5 / 10
Aroma: 6.5 / 10
Taste: 8.1 / 10
Overall: 7.9 / 10

Where to buy: This brewery is still very young and haven’t expanded as far as Sydney, so your only options at the moment are to try it when in Melbourne or buy it on-line at their website.

Link: http://www.threetroupers.com.au/

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Gentlemen’s Pale Ale 4.8% Alcohol – SA

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this beer with it’s very original label. Pouring it into a glass presented a slightly hazy straw coloured brew with a mild aroma that displayed hints of plum and and tropical fruits.
Tasting this beer was definitely no chore it’s a beautifully balanced ale, on the palate the drinker is presented with an interesting initial hit of bitterness on the front of the palate, with hints of fruit and leaning toward apple and citrus.This then transitions at the back of the palate to a warm toffee flavour leaving a pleasant slightly sweet and tangy after-taste. This beer uses 2 varieties of hops (Sterlings and Goldings) that helps give this beer a high level of complexity, and keeps the drinker with the impression they are missing some of the more subtle flavours.

Verdict:This is without a doubt one of the best pale ales i have tried in a while, the after-taste keeps you wondering and drives you back for more.

Rating: 8.0 / 10

Link: Gentlemens Brewing Company Pty Ltd

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