Matilda Bay Brings Home The Accolades

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Matilda Bay today celebrates a double Champion title as Alpha Pale Ale was announced Champion Bottled Beer and Redback Champion Draught Beer at one of Australia’s most prestigious beer competitions, the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Beer Competition.

In the bottled category the Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale outclassed all others as well as collecting a Gold medal in the Pale/Golden Ale draught category.

Scott Vincent, the Matilda Bay head brewer already knee deep in celebratory party plans, took a quick break from putting some bottles of Alpha and Redback on ice to say, “Matilda Bay is all about the love of beer. Redback was the first beer that we brewed and to see it still taking out Champion titles all these years later in a craft beer industry that is going from strength to strength is immensely satisfying as a brewer.

“As for Alpha, it is definitively the beer lover’s beer. An intense hop experience, Alpha has proved itself as a beer that you can come back to time and time again. I am incredibly proud to brew a beer like Alpha Pale Ale. It’s beers like Alpha that are the reason we love brewing beer so much in the first place.”

Having won the Champion Beer Award in the 2008 Sydney Show, Best Draught Beer in 2010 and Champion Bottled Beer in 2011, Alpha Pale Ale has won major trophies across draught and bottled beer in four of the past five Sydney Shows – a truly remarkable achievement, marking it as the most successful exhibited beer in recent memory.

Alpha Pale Ale also collected the top gong for Grand Champion brewery at the 2008 International Beer awards as well as many other gold medals throughout its relatively short history.

Redback, where it all began for Matilda Bay back in 1988, is also no stranger to winning awards having taken out the title for Grand Champion Beer at the Australasian International Beer Awards in 1993, a trophy for Best Australian Beer and Best Australian Wheat Beer at the Australian Hotel Beer Awards in 2008 and Champion Wheat Beer at the Australian International Beer Awards also in 2008.

In the Bottled Beer category, Matilda Bay also received Silver medals for Redback and Beez Neez as well as Bronze medals for Bohemian Pilsner, Dogbolter and Fat Yak.

In the Draught Beer category, Matilda Bay received Silver medals for Bohemian Pilsner, Dogbolter and Beez Neez as well as a Bronze medal for Fat Yak.

Alpha Pale Ale is a distinctive, full-malt ale with a big hop nose and citrus notes derived from the distinct Cascade hops from Washington State in the US, giving the beer its intense and complex hop characters.

Redback is a Kristalweizen wheat style beer (go on say it…out loud, when someone’s listening), brewed from both malted wheat and malted barley, and a blend of Saaz and Pride of Ringwood hops.

Matilda Bay’s Alpha Pale Ale and Redback is available at Dan Murphy’s and premium liquor outlets.

RRP for Alpha Pale Ale is $19.99 per four pack. 345mL 5.2% ABV

RRP for Redback is $18.99 per six pack. 345mL 4.7% ABV


Matilda Bay brewers a beer from their Itchy Green Pants

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Inspiration can come from the strangest places, just ask the brewers of Matilda Bay Brewing Company. As the beer boffins tried to name their incredibly hard to make but very easy to drink cloudy ale, they scratched their head and they scratched their hot and itchy green work pants (an occupational hazard of the job) and inspiration finally struck. From that point on, the brand new Matilda Bay ale was to be called (insert heralding trumpet here)… I.G.P. (Itchy Green Pants).

I.G.P. is the beer the Matilda Bay brewers have always wanted to brew so it’s only fitting that the name be a hat tip to the hot, sweaty work they put in day in and day out brewing great beer.

Here’s what you need to know – it’s an Australian ale, it’s 100 per cent malt, mmmm malty goodness, it’s conditioned, it’s cloudy and it will absolutely slake your thirst. There’s a fruity aroma with an initial maltiness that leads into a creamy mouth feel. Some late-hopped fruity Galaxy & peppery Summer Saaz hops give it a zesty clean finish. It’s also got some naturally occurring yeast sediment that adds a very nice complex flavour profile and means before you crack one open you’ll need to give the bottle an enthusiastic roll to unsettle this yeasty goodness before pouring. So go on, get rolling…

As if I.G.P. isn’t already awesome enough, it’s also the first beer to come out of our still-shiny-because-it’s-so-new Port Melbourne Brewery. To start with, I.G.P. will be available in draught only in a bunch of equally awesome venues until the brewers stop itching and actually bottle it.

Head brewer Scott Vincent put down his pint of I.G.P. long enough to say, “Some might say that brewing beer is the ultimate dream job, but no-one ever talks about I.G.P. syndrome that’s a result of the hot, hard conditions we endure brewing.

“It’s a small price to pay though. I.G.P. might be a difficult beer to make but it sure is a beauty to drink. Refreshing, balanced, cleansing on the palate, it’s the ultimate Australian ale.”

Being such a refreshing ale means I.G.P. can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere and matched with anything, but the Matilda Bay brewers will all tell you that they can’t think of a better partner for I.G.P. than gourmet lamb sausages and kangaroo steaks on the BBQ.

From the 2,000 square metre Port Melbourne Brewery that now serves as home base for Matilda Bay also comes Matilda Bay Brewery Company’s other beers and cider as well as all their crazy ideas for new brews.

To become a fan of Matilda Bay visit and search for Matilda Bay Brewing Company or follow Matilda Bay on Twitter @MatildaBayBeer.

I.G.P will be available on tap at selected bars and pubs around the country from February, 2012. Keep your eye on Facebook and Twitter to find out where the first I.G.P. taps will be available. 4.7% ABV.

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Matilda Bay Releases Dirty Granny Cider

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011


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Matilda Bay Celebrates Fat Yak’s 2nd Birthday With Yaktion

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Two years on from the launch of Matilda Bay Brewery Co’s Fat Yak and it’s hard to imagine the craft beer landscape without this North American style pale ale. Now that Fat Yak is one of the most popular craft beers in Australia, the Matilda Bay team thought it time Fat Yak started sponsoring major events and slapping its logo on high profile athletes known the world over.
Or Mongolian racing yaks.

You see, while Matilda Bay might be big in the little world of craft brewing they remain extremely small in the world of big beer bucks. So in 2011 Matilda Bay is investing its ENTIRE GLOBAL SPONSORSHIP BUDGET into Mongolian yak racing and sending one lucky Fat Yak drinker to Mongolia to race a yak and meet the superstars of yak racing like Naransteg, also known as ‘the hoof master’.If you’re reading this and thinking Matilda Bay is taking the piss, you’re wrong. Matilda Bay is DEAD SERIOUS about this promotion, as serious as they are about brewing great tasting beer and they’ve been scrimping and saving every penny to put toward some ads and promotional packaging to get as many Fat Yak drinkers to enter as possible.
The promotion started on the 21st of January runs through until March 31 entry is very simple just buy a case of Fat Yak from the bottle-o or grab a Fat Yak at your local,  get a unique code and enter it online at

Matilda Bay is one of Australia’s leading craft breweries producing some of Australia’s favourite specialty beers like Fat Yak and also including the full-flavoured and award-winning Alpha Pale Ale, the quirky Beez Neez, the wheat beer that started it all Redback and the salute to Oktoberfest lagers, Big Helga. Traditionally Matilda Bay also launches a limited edition seasonal release for summer and winter. These have included Crema, Barking Duck, Barking Flamingo and most recently their coffee infused dark ale called Longshot.
Head to or for more information and to view Fat Yak TVCs and videos.

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Matilda Bay’s New Winter Warmer Longshot

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Winter has well and truly arrived here in Australia with its cold winds and frequent rains, relief is thankfully on hand though with the release of Maltida Bay’s latest seasonal named “Longshot”. Its inception came after Matilda Bay head brewer Scott Vincent and gourmet coffee roaster Toby Smith started comparing stories about roasting malt and coffee beans over a beer.

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Matilda Bay & Toby’s Estate Collaborate On New Winter Beer

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

The Matilda Bay Brewing Company has recently teamed up with the gourmet coffee brand Toby’s Estate to create their latest limited edition beer for this winter called Longshot. Born over a beer between Matilda Bay head brewer Scott Vincent and gourmet coffee roaster Toby Smith after comparing stories about roasting malt and coffee beans, Scott and Toby sat down with a selection of Toby’s best coffee beans to determine which would be most suited to Matilda Bay’s new coffee infused beer.

Longshot is a spiced, full-flavoured dark ale with notes of coffee and malt balancing to finish with a subtle hop bitterness. Beer drinkers will also enjoy a number of different roasted malts in Longshot. These give the beer wonderful flavours of toffee and chocolate that perfectly complement the coffee notes. Longshot also uses an ale yeast fermented at moderate temperatures which gives it a lift in the ester profile – the fruity character that’s found in some ales. With a coarse grind of the coffee beans and a cold extraction, the coffee was then added to the fermentation process and was carefully managed to keep the beer balanced.

Longshot is a challenging beer for the discerning beer drinker and is an ideal beer for food matching particularly with chocolate dishes and beef. Try Longshot with chargrilled Scotch fillet on a rosti stack with thyme mushrooms and sautéed spinach or 70% Belgian cocoa chocolate (the bitterness balances wonderfully with the coffee notes in the beer) in a decadent dark chocolate and pear tart.

Longshot will be available only from Dan Murphy’s from 1 July 2010 and will be a limited release while stocks last and with only 5,000 cases of Longshot being produced, beer lovers will need to get in quick to sample Matilda Bay’s newest brew.

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