IDA Launches Three Kings Brand

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Australian Independent Distillers (IDA) is already a significant player in the Australian alcohol market and plans to cater to the Generation Y beer-drinking male demographic with their new Three Kings label. Launching on October 11, IDA introduces Three Kings; a cross-category alcohol brand with a unique black coloured bottle featuring a vodka & ginger mix, a dry-style lager and a 100% Australian apple cider.

“The cross category play is a bold one and certainly challenges the norms of alcohol brand launches,” said
Steve Williams, Marketing Director of IDA. “By launching all three products together, the brand will be decisively positioned as one which offers three
products of equal standing. We are confident the immediate unity of a launch across categories will provide
the confidence and level of trust needed to see Three Kings succeed.”

While this venture aims to deliver to IDA a slice of the beer market, it is also responsive to a new wave of consumer – one whose choice of drink is not necessarily dictated by habit, but habitat.

“We need to acknowledge the expanding repertoires of this generation. They are no longer just beer drinkers, they drink different products for different occasions.”

“There is a need for such a brand in a rapidly evolving market and IDA has created Three Kings to appeal to this generation of men. For them, it’s not about the malt, the regionality of the water or the personality of the brewer. It’s about good times, good mates and stories that eventuate when these elements unite,” he said.“Three Kings presents a strong position which is masculine, modern and right for any occasion.”

Three Kings Dry Lager

A classic dry lager using a pale malt. Hersbrucker and Nelson Sauvin hops provide a characteristic aroma, with the latter offering up fruity, zesty notes of gooseberry and a hint of spice. The palate is dry, crisp and provides grassy notes which support a moderate and pleasing bitterness.

Three Kings Cider

A pale, cloudy appearance is followed by a sweet, fruit-forward aroma of apple. Such notes belie a crisp, fresh flavour on the palette, which showcases the well- balanced characters of acidity and fruitiness enjoyed from this quality cider consisting of 100% Australian apples.

Three Kings Vodka & Ginger

Characterized by a cloudy appearance and boasting a warm spicy aroma from ginger and a sour sweet note from apple. These aromas are echoed in the flavour profile; with a full yet refreshing  mouth feel that expresses a mild bitter flavour for complexity and the smoothness of premium vodka. A refreshingly light finish and perfect for summer.

More information about the Three Kings range can be found online at

About Independent Distillers
Founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1987 Independent Distillers (Independent Liquor in NZ)manufactures and distributes alcoholic beverages to export markets worldwide. Independent Distillers also produces a selection of beer, wine and spirits under its own brands, and is beginning to distribute licensed brands in some markets.

A company that prides itself on being dynamic and innovative, Independent Distillers is always keen to explore new opportunities and break category norms. It has successfully been at the forefront of innovation and development of RTDs in both New Zealand and Australia and owns some of the largest brands in the Asian RTD market. Key products such as Vodka Cruiser, Woodstock Bourbon & Pulse have been a major influence in the expansion and growth of the Independent Distillers Group over the last two decades.

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Bluetoungue Offers Drinkers a Chance to Win

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Bluetongue Premium Lager is celebrating the official opening of its new Bluetongue Brewery at Warnervale on the NSW Central Coast by giving two lucky beer lovers the chance to brew their very own batch of Bluetongue with three of their mates.

Late July saw Jennifer Hawkins tasting the very first bottle to come off the packaging line at the Bluetongue Brewery, and is looking forward to sharing the freshest beer possible with Australians in the lead up to this Summer through the “Taste to Win” competition.

Pieta Jordan, Bluetongue Marketing Manager said, “The new Bluetongue Brewery has been engineered for taste and quality, which results in that brewery-fresh great taste. Bluetongue beer lovers understand that the best tasting beer is always the freshest beer. It became obvious to us that we should give our consumers the chance to see and experience the level of sophistication and care we put into every brew of Bluetongue – and provide them with the opportunity to taste beer as the brewers do; fresh from the tank. Every brew of Bluetongue is brewed with three different types of hops to deliver that perfect balance of flavour, aroma and finish so I have no doubt that they will jump at the chance to come to the brewery and brew their very own signature Bluetongue”.

The Bluetongue “Taste to Win” promotion will be running between October to December in bottle shops nationally along with supporting promotions at selected licences premises. The competition will give two Bluetongue winners and three of their mates the opportunity to visit the new Bluetongue Brewery at Warnervale and brew their very own batch of Bluetongue which will be bottled with a personalised label.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience will include;

  • flights for four from their nearest capital city to Newcastle;
  • two nights’ accommodation; and
  • $2000 spending money for the major prize winner

For a chance to win the Ultimate Brewing Experience Bluetongue drinkers need only purchase a 6pk or case (for 4 chances to enter) of Bluetongue Premium Lager and SMS or go online to to enter their unique code found inside each 6-pack to enter the draw.

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Barons Lager 4.9% Alcohol

Monday, December 21st, 2009

I have been a big fan of the Baron’s beers since they first came out, although the Black Wattle Ale and Lemon Myrtle Witbier seem to be the only ones I see on a regular basis. So it came as a pleasant surprise to track down a bottle of their Lager in Vintage Cellars, I had an earlier look in Dan Murphy’s but was unable to locate it.

The Barons lager poured clear with a bright golden colour, minimal level of carbonation and a smallish white head around 1cm. On the nose, grassy and floral notes predominate straight after pouring with honey and clove notes coming through later after being allowed to stand awhile.

On the palate a light mouth feel is accompanied by grassy herbal notes, clove, pepper the beer then goes on to finish crisp with minimal after-taste. A few times I swore I tasted some slight “musty” flavors toward the back of the palate that one would expect from a Belgian but it didn’t seem constant so was very hard to pin down.

Verdict: It did strike me as a tad watery in places although this may have just been too excessive chilling, as it did grow on me the further down i got. All in all a very smooth session lager for lazy summer days.

Score: 7.2 / 10

Link: Barons Brewing

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VB Raw – 4.5% Alcohol

Thursday, November 12th, 2009


All the major breweries around the country are try to get drinkers attention of late claiming their new beer is extra pure, extra tasty and has less carbs than your run of the mill domestic brew. VB Raw is the Fosters entrant to the market place which attempts to throw off the image of VB as not being hip and with the times for Gen Y drinkers.
The bottle is green in colour and looks slightly like a Heineken bottle, so i think the marketers are aiming for it to look like an import rather than part of the domestic line up. Decanting the bottle into a glass gave a smallish white head around 1 cm in height floating above a bright clear golden coloured liquid. The carbonation level seemed a bit above average and the aroma had nothing really going on bar a very faint malt sweetness which i noticed came across as a bit “ciderish” later on after it had a chance to warm up a bit.

On the palate this beer is not very inspiring it has slight sweetness a bit of crispness that appears around the front of the palate the taste does seem to change throughout the beer however but it seems very hard to put your finger on how the taste changes.

Verdict: This beer aims to convince us it contains all malt and no sugar like a craft beer, has less carbs than your average brew and finishes dry clean and crisp like a Tooheys Dry, but seems to do all these things half heartedly. That said i was talking to friend about it the other day and he said he could see it being a good session beer for a hot afternoon. Personally though i can see myself reaching for a case of the original VB in the bottlo cool room before buying the Raw.

Rating: 4.1 / 10

Link: (Warning Flash based site)

Where to buy: Any mainstream bottle shop around Sydney should have it in stock.

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Knappstein Lager 5.6% Alcohol

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

knappstien_lagerToday is the last day of June and in preparation for “Dry July“, which supports adults living with cancer, i decided to have one last beer while i was still allowed. I had a hard decision to make, after all the beer chosen would have to keep me satisfied for the next 31 days till August 1st!
Finally after 5 minutes of umming and ahhing i settled on a Knappstein reserve lager, it had a nice looking bottle, at 5.6% packed a tad extra alcohol in and being a lager i figured worst case scenario it should still be pretty smooth to drink.

Emptying the bottle into glass only helped reinforce in my head i had made the right choice. The beer was lightly carbonated, crystal clear with a brilliant golden colour. On the nose the aroma was bursting with fresh tropical fruit smells, the most predominate to me being mango.

On the palate the beer was light, full of tropical fruit and lemon flavors accompanied by a slight bitterness from the hops which helped offset the sweetness from the fruity tastes. The aftertaste was very clean bar a slight lingering fruit flavor.

Verdict: This beer was extremely easy to drink, and i definitely wont pass up the opportunity to try it again.

Score: 8.3 / 10


Where to buy: I am not currently aware of any retailers in the Sydney area. Although you can buy it online from the wineries online store. It’s fairly expensive at $58 for half a case but well worth a try at least once.
If you just want to try one, Knappstein Lager can also be found behind the bar at The Australian Hotel located in The Rocks.

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Firefly – Fusion Brewing (NSW) 4.5% Alcohol

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

firefly_lagerFusion Brewing takes a unique approach to creating a brew, first they decide on a style of food to match. Then Matthew Evans (Chef / Food critic), dissects what key flavours are normally present in the chosen style of dish and what qualities a beer should have to further bring out these flavours. From here some guidelines are created and passed along to head brewer Brian Watson to transform  into amber liquid, which should then be the perfect partner for your dinner.

Seeing as so much care had gone into seeing that Firefly brew would be the perfect partner for spicy food, i decided it was only fair to try this number with a meal. In the name of science i cooked a nice hot chilli / ginger stir fry for dinner specially to enjoy this beer with. Upon decanting the bottle into a glass i was greeted by a lightly carbonated brew, bright gold in colour with an aroma full of floral notes.

Tasting the brew, the drinker is hit initially with a sharp pilsner style bitterness which i found to be a great blend with the heat from the stir fry. Upon swallowing pretty much all taste quickly subsides leaving nothing except a subtle sweetness on the palate, not much else to it, this is an exceptionally clean tasting beer.

Verdict: This beer is super clean in taste designed to compliment the flavours of your meal not fight them. That said i could also see myself enjoying a six pack of these beside the pool on a hot summers day. Can’t wait give their other beer “Bluebottle” another try with some seafood as it was intended, the first time i tasted it  i was in a pub and without any food to give the proper taste test.

Rating: 7.3 / 10

Link: Fusion Brewing & Firefly Beer

P.S It has also come to my attention this brew recently took out Silver in the 2009 Australian International Beer Awards. Full results sheet can be found here.

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