RIP Thomas Angrove – Inventor Of The Wine Cask

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The ABC has reported that Thomas Angrove a South Australian winemaker and the inventor of the Wine Cask has unfortunately passed away aged 92.

The wine cask has a rich history being first patented back in 1965 by Thomas Angrove, although the early models required the consumer to cut a corner of the bladder first to access the wine inside. All this ended though in 1967 when Penfolds Wines patented a plastic air tight tap which provided the missing piece of technology to achieve boxed wine perfection.

Ever since the humble wine cask has grown in popularity. Large wineries loved the cask from its inception as it is inexpensive, easier to transport, handle and more environmentally friendly when compared with glass bottles. Whilst consumers loved the convenience, value for money, the awesome effect up to 40 standard drinks can have on a person and the fact the bladder could be blown up and used as a pillow for a little lay down after a long day of merry making.

For years wowsers and do-gooders have decried the ever affordable wine cask as the downfall of society. Legions of young people on the other hand have always appreciated its low low price and its ability to be carried easily to any far away house party.

This notoriety has elevated the wine cask to a special place in the hearts of generations leading to its own nicknames such as goon bag, the Redfern briefcase, chateau cardboard, and the Penrith handbag. The wine cask has even allowed Australians to advance in the arena of backyard sporting with the great time (and people) wasters Goon of Fortune otherwise known as Wheel of Goon and slap the bag.

R.I.P Thomas Angrove people across the world salute your contribution to the alcoholic arts.

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Channel 9 Encouraging Girls To Hit The Piss

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Claims have been made that Channel 9 encouraged participants of its Ladette To Lady reality tv show to partake in binge drinking during the filming of the show. According to a contestant Bianca Stevens channel 9 brought her “goon” and then allegedly took¬† her and a mate out on the town spending another $150 dollars on getting them tanked. Really is this a surprise? Mix semi retarded television wanna bees, with scum bag TV producers and it had a fairly predictable outcome.

Of course the contestants are taking no responsibility for getting blind and its all Channel 9’s fault they got in a state. If channel nine knows what is good for them they will see a follow up reality show in this where they take contestants from the shallow end of the gene pool and teach them to take responsibility for their own actions.

Channel 9 is understandably trying to distance its self from the claims it trys to lure innocent young ladies to wreck and ruin via strong drink, with a spokesman¬† saying “We of course reject any assertion that these girls were somehow plied with alcohol. The whole point of the program is to reflect the participant’s typical behavior , which is precisely what happened.”

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