Carlton Dry gives Aussies 100 reasons to drop everything

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Recognising that the greatest lives are shaped by random fun, Carlton Dry, one of Australia’s fastest growing beer brands, has today announced the ‘Carlton Dry 100’, a year-long promotion which puts one hundred once-in-a-lifetime experiences up for grabs.

With the ‘Carlton Dry 100’ there is no piking. If you win, you have to drop what you are doing, grab your mates and set off on your adventure within 48 hours. If you fail to act in time and don’t have the guts to go for it then you get nothing. A new winner is selected and the ‘Carlton Dry 100’ challenge is issued to them.

From being chased by wild bulls in Spain, to living it up in Las Vegas, the rewards are all about grabbing whatever random opportunity comes your way and going for it. Kicking off on June 30, a range of experiences will be given away every week for the next year.

Vincent Ruiu, Carlton group marketing manager said, “The ‘Carlton Dry 100’ gives its fans the chance to live in the now, and know that tomorrow doesn’t matter until tomorrow.

At Carlton Dry, we’re all about rewarding those people who are up for dropping everything and doing something random with their mates.”

If you’re all about having an awesome time with your mates, doing whatever you want, whenever you want, then sign-up to be part of the ‘Carlton Dry 100’ on the Carlton Dry Facebook page and you’ll be the first to know about each prize draw:

With 100 prize draws in play, every few days a new prize draw will kick off, keeping the good times coming all year long. Each prize draw will open with a call to action through multiple media channels including the Carlton Dry Facebook and Twitter accounts, by email and via the brand new ‘Carlton Dry 100’ iPhone app, designed to let Dry drinkers know when the entry window into the latest competition is open.

Other prizes worth dropping everything for and living in the now include: A trip for three to a full moon party in Thailand, being VIP with your mates at the opening party of SPACE nightclub in Ibiza, adrenaline-packed snowboarding trips, exhilarating motocross lessons and much, much more. Carlton Dry is a refreshing, easy drinking dry lager brewed to have a smooth crisp finish, with lower carbohydrates.

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Fosters Wine Business Now Known As Treasury Wine Estates

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Managed as four regional businesses in Australia and New Zealand, The Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia. Treasury Wine Estates will become the new identity for the Foster’s Group Limited global wine business. Bringing together 12,000 hectares of vineyards, 20 wineries and 50 wine brands, Treasury Wine Estates will have some of the most popular and collected wines from Australia, California, France, Italy and New Zealand under its umbrella. With sales totalling over 35 million cases of wine annually, and revenues of over AU$2 billion Treasury Wine Estates employs over 4,000 winemakers, viticulturists, sales, distribution and support staff across in 12 countries.


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Sheaf Stout 5.7% Alcohol

Friday, August 14th, 2009

sheaf_stoutBeing skinny all of my life when i was 18 i wanted nothing more than to put on weight and “get big”. Unfortunately though weight gain was just not something that came easy to me.

After a futile few weeks of eating massive meals every day and getting nowhere a mate’s dad came up with a solution. He told me that if i drank two long necks of Sheaf Stout per evening the weight gain would take care of itself. I still remember hating the stuff but forcing it down every night in the name of bulking up! In this instance my perseverance did pay off, after around 2 months of the long neck drinking regime i was around 8 kilograms beefier!

After the period of nightly beer “dieting” was over, Sheaf Stout and i parted ways. But of course it couldn’t go on forever ten years later, as per usual i saw the rows of Sheaf Stout peering out from their brightly lit fridge in the bottlo. But this time it was different the question popped up in my head, was it really that horrible? Sheaf was my first introduction dark beers, maybe i had just misunderstood it’s qualities before wrongly relegating it to the category of “hobo piss”?

Getting the bottle home i could hardly wait to get into a glass, it poured a lot better than i remembered with a dark black colour, lively level of carbonation, around 2 -3 fingers of greyish coloured head. This died down over the space of 4-5 minutes to a thin foam lacing that lasted pretty much the whole time their was still beer under it.

The aroma seemed very easy to miss but with a bit of trying i was able to detect a mild coffee smell. First taste was still while the beer was very cold, and came across as clean, mild tasting brew with coffee flavours dominating the back of the palate along with a hint of cocoa.

Then i made the mistake of allowing the beer to warm up a bit, a bad move indeed…. The coffee flavour became a lot more pronounced but this time without its buddy chocolate holding it’s hand. Overall tt still wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the bitterness that now made an appearance on the palate, highly unpleasant, acrid that seemed to storm across the drinkers tongue like a horde of unwelcome barbarians raping and pillaging.

A bit of warmth in this brew had me wondering should i even bother to finish it?

Verdict: If this beer could be kept at at a super low temperature you could knock them back pretty easy. Let it warm up though, and it’s best to leave it with the hobos and those dieting.

Score: 4.2 / 10


Where to buy: In the long neck / singles area of pretty much every mainstream bottle shop in NSW.

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