Matilda Bay Releases Dirty Granny Cider

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011


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Batlow Apples Launches Premium Cider

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Australia’s favourite apple grower, Batlow Apples, has teamed up with Coombes Bros to form the newly established Batlow Brewing Company. The company has been formed to produce its inaugural product, Batlow Premium Cider, handcrafted from a carefully selected blend of the best quality Australian-grown apples.

Rich Coombes, director for the Batlow Brewing Company, said: “The continued rise in popularity of cider and the need for a premium, fresh and locally made offering led us to create Batlow Premium Cider.”

“Producing top quality cider requires top quality apples. The use of only the best quality apples from Batlow Apples and the ability to press our apples and bottle our cider locally ensures that every bottle will be of exceptional quality and taste. We have a vision of turning Australia’s favourite apples into Australia’s favourite cider!”

The apples are grown, picked and pressed in small batches in Batlow, NSW, and shortly after transported to the cidery, where they are fermented under strictly monitored conditions.

This production process ensures one of the freshest, crispest ciders on the market and unlike many commercial ciders, Batlow Premium Cider uses fresh crushed, locally grown apples, contains no concentrates or added sugars and is gluten free, making it one of the healthiest ciders on the market.

Batlow Premium Cider has a golden straw appearance with fine bubbles provided by natural carbonation. The cider’s aroma is fresh, fragrant apples with a touch of earthiness.

The taste gives a mild, refreshing sweetness followed by a light grip on the back palate and a clean medium dry finish, resulting in a well-balanced, fresh tasting cider. It has an alcohol level of 5.5% and will be available in 330ml bottles in 4 packs and cartons of 24 bottles from December 2010.

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IDA Launches Three Kings Brand

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Australian Independent Distillers (IDA) is already a significant player in the Australian alcohol market and plans to cater to the Generation Y beer-drinking male demographic with their new Three Kings label. Launching on October 11, IDA introduces Three Kings; a cross-category alcohol brand with a unique black coloured bottle featuring a vodka & ginger mix, a dry-style lager and a 100% Australian apple cider.

“The cross category play is a bold one and certainly challenges the norms of alcohol brand launches,” said
Steve Williams, Marketing Director of IDA. “By launching all three products together, the brand will be decisively positioned as one which offers three
products of equal standing. We are confident the immediate unity of a launch across categories will provide
the confidence and level of trust needed to see Three Kings succeed.”

While this venture aims to deliver to IDA a slice of the beer market, it is also responsive to a new wave of consumer – one whose choice of drink is not necessarily dictated by habit, but habitat.

“We need to acknowledge the expanding repertoires of this generation. They are no longer just beer drinkers, they drink different products for different occasions.”

“There is a need for such a brand in a rapidly evolving market and IDA has created Three Kings to appeal to this generation of men. For them, it’s not about the malt, the regionality of the water or the personality of the brewer. It’s about good times, good mates and stories that eventuate when these elements unite,” he said.“Three Kings presents a strong position which is masculine, modern and right for any occasion.”

Three Kings Dry Lager

A classic dry lager using a pale malt. Hersbrucker and Nelson Sauvin hops provide a characteristic aroma, with the latter offering up fruity, zesty notes of gooseberry and a hint of spice. The palate is dry, crisp and provides grassy notes which support a moderate and pleasing bitterness.

Three Kings Cider

A pale, cloudy appearance is followed by a sweet, fruit-forward aroma of apple. Such notes belie a crisp, fresh flavour on the palette, which showcases the well- balanced characters of acidity and fruitiness enjoyed from this quality cider consisting of 100% Australian apples.

Three Kings Vodka & Ginger

Characterized by a cloudy appearance and boasting a warm spicy aroma from ginger and a sour sweet note from apple. These aromas are echoed in the flavour profile; with a full yet refreshing  mouth feel that expresses a mild bitter flavour for complexity and the smoothness of premium vodka. A refreshingly light finish and perfect for summer.

More information about the Three Kings range can be found online at

About Independent Distillers
Founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1987 Independent Distillers (Independent Liquor in NZ)manufactures and distributes alcoholic beverages to export markets worldwide. Independent Distillers also produces a selection of beer, wine and spirits under its own brands, and is beginning to distribute licensed brands in some markets.

A company that prides itself on being dynamic and innovative, Independent Distillers is always keen to explore new opportunities and break category norms. It has successfully been at the forefront of innovation and development of RTDs in both New Zealand and Australia and owns some of the largest brands in the Asian RTD market. Key products such as Vodka Cruiser, Woodstock Bourbon & Pulse have been a major influence in the expansion and growth of the Independent Distillers Group over the last two decades.

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