Carlton Dry Offers Antidote To Rising Living Costs

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Moving out of your parents home and making your own way in the world has long been a rite of passage for young Australians. However, with the cost of living continuing to rise, share house living is often the only option available to young people look for a cost-effective accommodation.

Nationwide there are currently around 573,000 Aussies aged 18-24 years living in a shared household*, an increase of 40,000 people in the past 2 years**. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, life costs rose quite significantly over the past three months, with rent (up 4.5%), electricity (up 10.7%) and water (up 12.8%) rising and hurting share houses across the country. In addition, the cost of food increased by 6.1% over the same period with price rises in staples such as fruit (rising 66.6% in price) and vegetables (rising 9.7% in price) costing Aussies more than ever before.


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Carlton Dry gives Aussies 100 reasons to drop everything

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Recognising that the greatest lives are shaped by random fun, Carlton Dry, one of Australia’s fastest growing beer brands, has today announced the ‘Carlton Dry 100’, a year-long promotion which puts one hundred once-in-a-lifetime experiences up for grabs.

With the ‘Carlton Dry 100’ there is no piking. If you win, you have to drop what you are doing, grab your mates and set off on your adventure within 48 hours. If you fail to act in time and don’t have the guts to go for it then you get nothing. A new winner is selected and the ‘Carlton Dry 100’ challenge is issued to them.

From being chased by wild bulls in Spain, to living it up in Las Vegas, the rewards are all about grabbing whatever random opportunity comes your way and going for it. Kicking off on June 30, a range of experiences will be given away every week for the next year.

Vincent Ruiu, Carlton group marketing manager said, “The ‘Carlton Dry 100’ gives its fans the chance to live in the now, and know that tomorrow doesn’t matter until tomorrow.

At Carlton Dry, we’re all about rewarding those people who are up for dropping everything and doing something random with their mates.”

If you’re all about having an awesome time with your mates, doing whatever you want, whenever you want, then sign-up to be part of the ‘Carlton Dry 100’ on the Carlton Dry Facebook page and you’ll be the first to know about each prize draw:

With 100 prize draws in play, every few days a new prize draw will kick off, keeping the good times coming all year long. Each prize draw will open with a call to action through multiple media channels including the Carlton Dry Facebook and Twitter accounts, by email and via the brand new ‘Carlton Dry 100’ iPhone app, designed to let Dry drinkers know when the entry window into the latest competition is open.

Other prizes worth dropping everything for and living in the now include: A trip for three to a full moon party in Thailand, being VIP with your mates at the opening party of SPACE nightclub in Ibiza, adrenaline-packed snowboarding trips, exhilarating motocross lessons and much, much more. Carlton Dry is a refreshing, easy drinking dry lager brewed to have a smooth crisp finish, with lower carbohydrates.

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“Thank God Its Monday” Industry Nights

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Carlton Dry has come to the party again, announcing today the second round of ‘THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY’ industry night events.

Monday nights will be rejuvenated as the likes of electro-pop supremos Miami Horror, indie duo Philadelphia Grand Jury, rocksters Bluejuice and club favourites Bag Raiders take to stages across the country.

Developed as a reward for the hard working bar staff who regularly sacrifice their weekends to serve the public, these free events will hit Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in January and February.

“Carlton Dry is bringing the industry night back to Monday night”, said Vincent Ruiu, Group Marketing Manager Carlton Dry. “Working the weekend shift in a bar can be a frustrating scenario. While all your mates get to head out and enjoy the best gigs and club nights, you’re busy working. When Monday finally rolls around and you have a night off there’s nothing on.”

If you work in a bar, club, hotel, venue or restaurant, visit to get you and a mate on the free guestlist, plus be the first to know about Carlton Dry’s forthcoming “Thank God It’s Monday” events.

“We have enlisted some really exciting artists for Thank God It’s Monday, to ensure those working weekends are rewarded for their hard work and can experience great bands and DJs on their time off too.”

Stay tuned as Carlton Dry will be breathing life back into Monday nights throughout 2011 as more events with the very best entertainment will be announced soon.

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