Sunday Beer Session

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Sunday’s are  designated as a day of rest and relaxation, and nothing is much more relaxing than trying out a few beers As beers are best enjoyed in the presence of good company i enlisted the help of Alex Went son of Peter Went, winemaker at Pierre’s Wines a boutique winery located at Branxton in the Hunter Valley.

As two people were involved in this tasting session some of the beers tried have been given two ratings whilst a few just have the one such as the Beechworth Australian Ale & Mallee Bull which i had previously tasted.

Miller Chill 4.2% Alcohol (USA)

Lightly carbonated with an over powering lime aroma smelling very artificial on the nose. Very sweet to taste, closer to a premix vodka i would say in taste than a beer.

Verdict: This is easily one of the worst excuses for beer i have ever had the misfortune to taste! Do not bother to waste your time and money with this foul liquid!

Alex: 1/10

Anthony: 1.5/10

Link: Miller Chill

Beechworth Australian Ale 4.4% Victoria

Poured almost flat with a flavour overly dominated by citrus flavors.

Alex’s Verdict: Starting to loose faith two beers two misses.

Alex: 3.5 / 10

Link: Original review & Bridge Road Brewers

Pepper Jack Ale 4.7% Alcohol – South Australia

This is a very unique brew, it is made by Saltram Wines located in the Barrosa Valley, South Australia. This beer pushes the boundaries by incorporating Shiraz wine into the recipe, something i have never heard of being done before.

The brew is a deep cooper in colour, lightly carbonated with an almost non existent head. The aroma comes across mostly fruity on the nose with faint floral hints. On the palate the beer takes drinker by surprise with initial toffee caramel notes accompanied by a sharp bitterness.

Verdict: This could be a great starter beer or great companion to a meal of a tasty meal such as pizza, beef & guiness pie, beef bourguignon or similar.

Alex: 7.5 / 10

Anthony: 6.7 / 10

Tip: I have had this beer twice now and it doesn’t stand up well to being over chilled for best results you will want to serve this at around the 7 degree mark.

Link: Saltram Wines

Mallee Bull 5.6 % Alcohol – Victoria

Poured with a golden straw colour and mild malt aroma. The taste is dominated by toffee notes leaving a rich cooked toffee aftertaste on the back of the palate.

Alex’s Verdict: Not a bad drop but definitely room for improvement.

Alex: 7 / 10

Link: Original tasting & Mildura Brewing

Pike’s Oatbank Beer  4.5% Alcohol – South Australia

Here we have another beer being made by people that are better known for the wines they make, but are proving you can do both with great results.

This beer is a bright clear gold colour with a nice tightly packed head. The aroma is heavily dominated by hop floral notes. Like most good pilsners the drinker is hit with a pleasant sharp bitterness, accompanied by faint citrus notes which subsides to a mildly sweet aftertaste.

Verdict: Very refreshing and highly drinkable after the one bottle i was a bit upset i didn’t have more.

Rating: 7.6 / 10

Link: Pikes Wines

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Anzac Day Beer Tastings

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

zlatopramenWent into Dan Murphy’s today and decided to grab a variety of beers to try for something different, some where good some were not, here is my run down on those i have  tried so far.

Birra Moretti (Italy) – 4.6% Alcohol

Sweet, with a subtle nutty aftertaste, fairly similar to a Canadian blonde.

Rating: 4/10

Verdict: Nothing really to write home about, one point was added for the retro style label and the guys mustache on the label.


Monteiths Enlivening Summer Ale (New Zealand) – 5.0% Alcohol

Very strange aroma reminiscent of lemonade. This is a strange beer not your everyday brew, tastes like a soft drink with a herbal taste that whacks your taste buds about 2 seconds after swallowing.

Verdict: Possibly a refreshing brew tp drink on a hot summers day, couldn’t see myself wanting another anytime soon.

Rating: 3/10


Wychwood Hobgoblin (UK) – 5.2% Alcohol

Thick creamy head, nice dark colour close to porter well balanced flavour profile with a gentle bitterness and a subtle toffee aftertaste.

Verdict: Very smooth i could definitely get used to drinking this.

Rating: 7/10


Zlatopramen (Czech Republic) – 4.8% Alcohol

Nice golden lager, with a pleasant bitterness and a subtle sweet aftertaste.

Verdict: This is what lager is all about smooth, refreshing, not much to think about.



Mallee Bull (Australia) – 5.6%

Copper in colour, soft malt aroma, very clean tasting with a gentle bitterness.

Verdict: WOW, these guys have excelled and made an ale that’s full of complexity, very smooth and not overpowering in any way shape or form.

Rating: 8/10


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