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The Beer Lovers Guide To Australia

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Released August 16, 2010 just in time for Father’s Day.
Finally, Dads get what they’ve always wanted for Father’s Day.
No more socks and jocks… it’s a book about BEER!

Australia has a rich and vibrant beer culture which goes mainly unrecognised. Most Australians would be surprised to learn that we have over 150 different Australian beer brands with an average of around 3 beers each. The Beer Lovers Guide to Australia is a snapshot of the Australian beer industry, showcasing those beer brands plus over 100 Breweries and 100 Specialist Beer Venues.

Australia’s relationship with beer started when the first fleet dropped anchor in Botany Bay in 1788: they drank mugs of Porter to celebrate the discovery of this great land. Since then it has been a colourful journey that is now poised for a renaissance of beer appreciation in the mainstream Australian culture. The Beer Lovers Guide to Australia is a guide for anyone looking to explore the world of Australian Beer.

A range of well respected Australian writers and beer connoisseurs will guide you through the world of beer:

  • Dr Peter Aldred – What is Beer?
  • Andrew Perry – The History of Beer
  • Matt Kirkegaard – The Australian Craft Beer Revolution
  • Ian Watson – Tasting Beer
  • Paul Mercurio – Beer & Food
  • Laurie Strachan – A Menu of Beer Styles

The book’s Location Guide lists Australia’s most passionate beer venues state by state, making it the perfect way to plan your next beer adventure. There’s never been a better time to drink Australian beer and there’s never been a more comprehensive guide to Australian beers, the people who make them and the best places to drink them.

  • 300 Pages
  • RRP $34.95Available August 16, 2010 from Breweries, Bars and Bookstores.

For more information be sure to check out

Gentlemen’s Pale Ale 4.8% Alcohol – SA

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this beer with it’s very original label. Pouring it into a glass presented a slightly hazy straw coloured brew with a mild aroma that displayed hints of plum and and tropical fruits.
Tasting this beer was definitely no chore it’s a beautifully balanced ale, on the palate the drinker is presented with an interesting initial hit of bitterness on the front of the palate, with hints of fruit and leaning toward apple and citrus.This then transitions at the back of the palate to a warm toffee flavour leaving a pleasant slightly sweet and tangy after-taste. This beer uses 2 varieties of hops (Sterlings and Goldings) that helps give this beer a high level of complexity, and keeps the drinker with the impression they are missing some of the more subtle flavours.

Verdict:This is without a doubt one of the best pale ales i have tried in a while, the after-taste keeps you wondering and drives you back for more.

Rating: 8.0 / 10

Link: Gentlemens Brewing Company Pty Ltd

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Hungover? You better grab a bacon sanga!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Still no cure for cancer, but it seems researchers are working on things just as important! The boffins recently announcing that a bacon sandwich can provide relief to those suffering a hangover.

Apparently its all about the carbs and amino acids. Personally i don’t like to take half measures so just to be sure i like to throw in some vegemite and eggs. Vegemite is chock a block full of B vitamins, which are known to magically go missing from your body after you have been drinking.

The humble egg also helps by being packed with large amounts of cysteine which helps rid the body of acetaldehyde. A nasty chemical created in the process your liver uses to process alcohol.

If you can stomach them three and still feel like the walking dead, simply go back to bed your hangover is not going anywhere in a hurry!

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New Forum

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

We have released an new forum for the discussion of brewing, drinking, music and pubs / clubs around the Sydney area.
So if you have questions want to rain praise or scorn on an establishment get in there and make your thoughts known to the world.

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New Live Music Section

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

We know a good night on the town isn’t just about boozing it up into the early hours, sometimes its good to have some music playing to rock out too! For this reason we have created a “live music” section to aid you in the search of a good live gig to see.

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