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Jägermeister launches RTD Range

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

The much loved premium German spirit brand Jägermeister is launching two new RTDs to the Australian market, the first ever Jägermeister line extensions in the brands 77 year history. For the first time ever Jägermeister will now be available as a convenient, premixed ready to drink in a take home format.

The two premium RTD flavours are based on quality ingredients with taste profiles similar to those Jägermeister fans have long enjoyed at the bar:

Jägermeister RAW – a strong blend of the much loved taste of Jägermeister combined with guarana extract and other 100% natural ingredients creating a fresh
unique drink.

Jägermeister Ginger Lime – a refreshing blend of Jägermeister combined with 100% natural ginger root and fresh lime creating a refreshing mix of bitter and sweet.

“We’re really excited about this launch as we know it’s what Jägermeister drinkers have been waiting for. People love the unique taste of Jägermeister and want to enjoy it in different ways outside of the usual bar environment with friends – home, parties, and barbecues. Last year we introduced the Jägermeister & Ginger Beer as an on premise long drink, which was really successful, the new RTDs are part of that evolution for the brand in Australia” said Michael Bouda, Jägermeister brand manager, Suntory.

The packaging takes inspiration from the Jägermeister bottle design featuring the stag head which refers to the legend of St. Hubertus the patron saint of hunters.  Jägermeister RAW and Jägermeister Ginger Lime are available from all good liquor retailers around Australia from August with a RRP of $19.99 per 4 pack x 330ml cans.

Cointreau rediscovers the forgotten art of the cocktail hour

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

With a retrospective nod to the past golden age of the cocktail hour, Cointreau is launching on July 14th an online guide to home entertaining and recreating the cocktail hour. Putting a modern twist on their cocktails, the Cointreau guide also covers early evening etiquette, fanciful food, sophisticated styling and all things necessary when gathering with friends for a cocktail party at home.

The Cointreau Art of the Cocktail Hour blog will educate readers how to mix and serve signature cocktails with basic tools and terminology; cocktail hour etiquette; how to host your cocktail hour with ease and sophistication; what’s in and out of food fashion; and learn tips on themeing and styling yourself and your home to perfection.


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Suntory To Distribute Stolichnaya Vodka In Australia

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Suntory Australia has signed a five year contract with SPI Group to distribute iconic premium vodka brands Stolichnaya, Elit by Stolichnaya and Stolichnaya flavours throughout Australia.Suntory Australia previously distributed the Stolichnaya brand on behalf of William Grant until the end of last year, and has retained the right to continue to distribute the portfolio.

SPI Group’s Frank Cohen, Regional Director Asia Pacific, commented: “We have the utmost confidence in Suntory Australia’s brand building ability and its capacity to drive volume growth as they have a proven track record as one of the leading distributors of spiritsand liqueurs in Australia. “In 2010, Suntory’s focus in Australia was to regain the trade’s faith in the Stolichnaya brand, and to recommence brand building with the consumer, resulting in a 44 per cent growth vs. previous year.”


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BORCO International GmbH Appoints Suntory (AUST) Pty Ltd Distributor Of Sierra Tequila

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

BORCO, a leading European producer and marketer of international spirit brands and wines and owner of Sierra Tequila, has appointed Suntory Australia, distributor of the multi-award winning Sierra Tequila range from January 2011.

Sierra Tequila, winner of the 2010 International Spirits Challenge and IWSC Trophy 2010, has been distributed in Australia by Halloran Manton for more than a decade.

Borco CEO, Mrs Jutta Matthiesen, “We are very grateful for the effort Halloran Manton made into building the brand in Australia and for their continuous support.”

Suntory Australia’s experience in marketing tequila in the local market is unparalleled having achieved spectacular growth for the current market leader, doubling its size in just five years.

Mr Ian Atherton, managing director of Suntory Australia said he was thrilled that Borco had chosen to work with Suntory Australia. “We know how to market tequila exceptionally well and have a proven track record”.

As the top selling Tequila in Europe, Sierra Tequila is distributed throughout 90 countries worldwide and has managed to maintain 70% of market share in Germany for decades. Following Mexico and the USA, Germany is the third largest Tequila market in the world due to the success of Sierra Tequila and Suntory plans to consolidate Sierra’s place likewise in the Australian market.


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New look for Campari to celebrate 150th anniversery

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

A gift for the lovers of Campari: three artworks in limited edition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand

For Campari’s 150th anniversary, an ambitious and innovative project focuses on its label, one of the distinctive and fundamental elements of this iconic aperitif. avaf, Tobias Rehberger and Vanessa Beecroft are the three contemporary international artists, selected by the curator Caroline Corbetta, who have taken part in the Campari Art Label Project which aims at confirming and resuming the link between the brand and art in all its multiple forms. Campari has chosen to thank its own consumers by selling bottles with artistic labels, real works of art, in limited edition.

The Campari Art Label project offered the three artists the possibility to express their personal interpretation of Campari in the label. Starting from the essence of the colour red and from the achievements obtained by this internationally famous aperitif, the artists created three different artworks featuring three diverse aesthetic identities.

Campari has commissioned to these skilled artists the task of delivering a message that goes beyond the art language in order to involve a wider audience. These artists have been already hallowed by their participation in the most important art exhibitions, from the Venice Biennale, the Bienal de São Paulo to several art shows at the most prestigious museums of the world such as the MoMA, the Guggenheim in New York, the Moderna Museet in Stockholm or the Kunsthalle in Basel.

The three labels are different but complementary and together they create an exclusive collection that describes the various facets of the universe of Campari.

avaf,an art collective who label themselves as “nomads”, presents an extravagant and cross-bred artwork, a typical example of their style. Their interpretation translated into a strong and independent female image, a cross-breed between the jazz singer Nina Simone and the Egyptian queen Nefertiti: “We wanted to enrich the Campari female world – explains avaf – to create something like a goddess, an icon.” Like Campari, avaf has a small secret: Campari has been keeping its recipe strictly confidential since its origins; this collective’s mystery is the fact that only one spokesman appears in public and he is always disguised by masks realized by the artists of the group.

Even Vanessa Beecroft, the well-known artist celebrated for her performances and her watercolours, expressed her own art for Campari focussing on the female image, coherent with her art vocation that uses women’s prototypes to project the artist’s own image. She imagined an ethereal female character wrapped in a fantastic head of hair, red, like the glass of Campari she is holding. “A symbol of beauty, elegance and charm, gifts that Campari has been giving to the public for 150 years” states Beecroft.

Tobias Rehberger completes the artistic picture of Campari Art Label: his neo-rationalist world comes to life by means of digital design. His Campari label is built around the concept of a “magic potion”, a “bewitched beverage” emphasized by the bright colours employed in his art work. “My work is abstract and it is open to various interpretations, like Campari. Similarly to my work, a Campari is like no other existing drinks: it is unique and well recognizable even when mixed in cocktails. My works are alike for their uniqueness” explains Rehberger.

The Campari limited edition bottles with the artistic labels will be available in 700ml for $42.99 from August 2010.

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Create the next Vodka Cruiser mix

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Want to influence what Australia will be drinking this summer? Be the ultimate trendsetter? The envy of your friends as the guest of honour at an exclusive VIP party and $5,000 richer? Vodka Cruiser is giving you that chance. From August 16, Australia’s favourite white spirit ready-to-drink (RTD) is looking for the newest must-have flavour to kick off the summer party season and they want Vodka Cruiser fans to create it.


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Lord and Lady Hendrick’s announce the prizewinning purveyors of the peculiar

Friday, July 9th, 2010

On their inaugural visit to Australia, Lord and Lady Hendrick’s undertook an anthropological adventure to spread the word of Hendrick’s Gin and to acquaint themselves with bartenders in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Throughout June, they visited more than 77 bars and met over 90 bartenders along the east coast. Each bar was judged on their presentation and mixology skills of a Hendrick’s and tonic as well as their brand knowledge. The top scoring bar in each state won a sunrise hot air balloon experience for six people. The prizewinning purveyors of the peculiar, otherwise known as Hendrick’s Gin, were Zeta Bar, Gin Palace, X&Y Bar and Libertine.


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Aussie Company Wins Gold For Its Rums

Monday, June 21st, 2010

100% Australian owned Kinkynero Dark Rum and Kinkylux White Rum, produced by the makers of Vodka O (ASM Liquor), are proving they are up there with the best, taking out Gold in their rum categories at the 2010 World Spirit Awards in Europe.

Kinkynero and Kinkylux were up against more established global rum brands and it was very much a David versus Goliath battle as the Aussie owned spirits were awarded Gold in the dark and white rum categories. Competing against over 1,000 brands from around the world, the gold medal wins are yet another accolade for the burgeoning Aussie-based brand.

Kinkynero is a rich dark Carribbean rum which has been barrel aged for more than two years. It features subtle undertones of cocoa, vanilla and raisins, and can be enjoyed neat or in a variety of cocktails.

Kinkylux is a light bodied white rum made from the finest Caribbean sugar cane. Aged in oak barrels for over two years, Kinkylux has a smooth, mellow and refreshing taste, and is perfect straight or in cocktails.

Other wins for ASM Liquor include Double Gold for Tequila Blu at the two most prestigious spirit tasting awards in the world – the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the 2010 World Spirit Awards in Europe.

Kinkynero and Kinkylux’s Gold medals are a win for rum aficionados everywhere and proves that Australia can produce a top-notch rum that can beat the more established brands. And, at under $40 per bottle, we should all drink to that!

For more information be sure to check out the ASM Liquor webpage.

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