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The Rocks Brewing Company IPA Returns

Monday, August 6th, 2012

The Sydney based Rocks Brewing Company has announced the long return of its award winning India Pale Ale (IPA) to Harts Pub on Gloucester St in The Rocks.

At 7% Alcohol, the beer is big and has its front foot forward at 70 Bitterness Units with a load of dry hops thrown in at the end. The Rocks Brewing Company IPA was recently awarded a Silver Medal at the 2012 Australian International Beer Awards.

The limited edition IPA was first launched in 2011 after General Manager Mark Fethers returned from San Diego, the home of many craft beers, all ‘green and hoppy eyed’. “My withdrawal from hops was painful and normal beer didn’t have any flavour anymore”, he said. “Getting off the plane I called Rocks Brewing Head Brewer Scotty Morgan and announced the IPA was to be our next specialty brew.”. Once brewed the first batch of The Rocks IPA turned out to be extremely popular and sold out in less than three weeks.

Fethers and Morgan attended the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego this April and to the delight of Rocks Brewing punters, returned inspired for another round of Rocks Brewing IPA.
Out of the 52 local breweries on show, Morgan said the majority of the IPA’s were above 6% with huge hop assaults on the palate, most with remarkable balance. “The first time I tasted Green Flash West Coast IPA I was hooked and like Fethers last year, I was like a walking hop cone when we got back to Sydney after two weeks of IPA drinking,” he said. “We’re very excited about the return of IPA to Harts Pub.”

More Info:
Rocks Brewing Company site

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The annual Cascade hop harvest begins!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

The annual hop harvest for Cascade Brewery Co’s officially gets under way today (Wednesday, 14th March) with the picking of the hops as part of the brewing process for the 2012 Cascade First Harvest vintage ale release, to be led for the very first time by Head Brewer, Mike Unsworth.

As the name implies, First Harvest is crafted with the first harvest of Tasmanian barley and hops of the season, making it renowned for its noteworthy intensity, balance and a unique fresh hop character.

The hops for the 2012 Cascade First Harvest ale will be hand-harvested today at the well-known Bushy Park Estates in the stunning Derwent Valley, north of Hobart, and the limited release brew will be available to beer lovers in early May.

This year’s three experimental hop varieties which have never been used in brewing before are Campania (bitterness hop), Triabunna (flavour hop) and Ellendale (aroma hop). All have been named after historical hop growing areas in Tasmania, where hops were produced for local beer production throughout the 19th century.

The limited release ale was the first beer of its kind to be produced in Australia, brewed using exclusively fresh, green handpicked hops and was the first beer to commit to using experimental hops each year, thus leading the charge for the development of new hop varieties in Australia.

Cascade First Harvest is made in a single batch and historically sells out before the full snap of winter sets in with only 3,600 cases available for sale. A testament to the Cascade team’s labour intensive, time dependent and hand-crafted brewing philosophy, the result is the creation of a beer that is truly unique.

Head brewer at Cascade, Mike Unsworth is eager and excited to begin the creation of his first Cascade First Harvest release.

A highlight every year for Cascade, I’m really excited to be brewing my first vintage of First Harvest and continuing the tradition of giving our fans a beer that is so distinctive,” said Unsworth ahead of today’s hop picking.

Based on this year’s hop selection and the traditional style of First Harvest, we anticipate the 2012 brew to exhibit aromas and flavours of peeled fruits and blackberries over nettles, green leaves and ground spices. The finish should deliver a resinous bitterness which should blend in with the malt base to give a well-balanced hoppy beer,” Unsworth continued.

The 11th anniversary release of Cascade First Harvest will be available for a limited time only in 4 packs of 375ml bottles with a RRP: $19.99 from the first week of May at selected retailers nationally including Dan Murphy’s, First Choice and Vintage Cellars.

About Campania

Campania is situated in the Coal River Valley, an area more associated with wine but originally settled to mine the local coal. The valley was used as grazing land and for pastureland, including the growing of hops which was supplied to the early breweries around Hobart in the 1820s and 1830s.

About Triabunna

Triabunna is situated on the East Coast, an area where hops were produced successfully in the late 1800’s with mild, sunny summers producing good crops. Hops were grown here on a small scale, manually picked and dried in small timber and brick kilns and supplied to local beer producers.

About Ellendale

Ellendale is located in the upper reaches of the Derwent Valley, above the larger hop growing areas in the region. Hop growing increased in popularity here from the 1870s with 42 growers being listed by 1910. Hop kilns of various sizes have been built in this area, some of which are still standing today.

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Matilda Bay Brings Home The Accolades

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Matilda Bay today celebrates a double Champion title as Alpha Pale Ale was announced Champion Bottled Beer and Redback Champion Draught Beer at one of Australia’s most prestigious beer competitions, the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Beer Competition.

In the bottled category the Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale outclassed all others as well as collecting a Gold medal in the Pale/Golden Ale draught category.

Scott Vincent, the Matilda Bay head brewer already knee deep in celebratory party plans, took a quick break from putting some bottles of Alpha and Redback on ice to say, “Matilda Bay is all about the love of beer. Redback was the first beer that we brewed and to see it still taking out Champion titles all these years later in a craft beer industry that is going from strength to strength is immensely satisfying as a brewer.

“As for Alpha, it is definitively the beer lover’s beer. An intense hop experience, Alpha has proved itself as a beer that you can come back to time and time again. I am incredibly proud to brew a beer like Alpha Pale Ale. It’s beers like Alpha that are the reason we love brewing beer so much in the first place.”

Having won the Champion Beer Award in the 2008 Sydney Show, Best Draught Beer in 2010 and Champion Bottled Beer in 2011, Alpha Pale Ale has won major trophies across draught and bottled beer in four of the past five Sydney Shows – a truly remarkable achievement, marking it as the most successful exhibited beer in recent memory.

Alpha Pale Ale also collected the top gong for Grand Champion brewery at the 2008 International Beer awards as well as many other gold medals throughout its relatively short history.

Redback, where it all began for Matilda Bay back in 1988, is also no stranger to winning awards having taken out the title for Grand Champion Beer at the Australasian International Beer Awards in 1993, a trophy for Best Australian Beer and Best Australian Wheat Beer at the Australian Hotel Beer Awards in 2008 and Champion Wheat Beer at the Australian International Beer Awards also in 2008.

In the Bottled Beer category, Matilda Bay also received Silver medals for Redback and Beez Neez as well as Bronze medals for Bohemian Pilsner, Dogbolter and Fat Yak.

In the Draught Beer category, Matilda Bay received Silver medals for Bohemian Pilsner, Dogbolter and Beez Neez as well as a Bronze medal for Fat Yak.

Alpha Pale Ale is a distinctive, full-malt ale with a big hop nose and citrus notes derived from the distinct Cascade hops from Washington State in the US, giving the beer its intense and complex hop characters.

Redback is a Kristalweizen wheat style beer (go on say it…out loud, when someone’s listening), brewed from both malted wheat and malted barley, and a blend of Saaz and Pride of Ringwood hops.

Matilda Bay’s Alpha Pale Ale and Redback is available at Dan Murphy’s and premium liquor outlets.

RRP for Alpha Pale Ale is $19.99 per four pack. 345mL 5.2% ABV

RRP for Redback is $18.99 per six pack. 345mL 4.7% ABV


Matilda Bay brewers a beer from their Itchy Green Pants

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Inspiration can come from the strangest places, just ask the brewers of Matilda Bay Brewing Company. As the beer boffins tried to name their incredibly hard to make but very easy to drink cloudy ale, they scratched their head and they scratched their hot and itchy green work pants (an occupational hazard of the job) and inspiration finally struck. From that point on, the brand new Matilda Bay ale was to be called (insert heralding trumpet here)… I.G.P. (Itchy Green Pants).

I.G.P. is the beer the Matilda Bay brewers have always wanted to brew so it’s only fitting that the name be a hat tip to the hot, sweaty work they put in day in and day out brewing great beer.

Here’s what you need to know – it’s an Australian ale, it’s 100 per cent malt, mmmm malty goodness, it’s conditioned, it’s cloudy and it will absolutely slake your thirst. There’s a fruity aroma with an initial maltiness that leads into a creamy mouth feel. Some late-hopped fruity Galaxy & peppery Summer Saaz hops give it a zesty clean finish. It’s also got some naturally occurring yeast sediment that adds a very nice complex flavour profile and means before you crack one open you’ll need to give the bottle an enthusiastic roll to unsettle this yeasty goodness before pouring. So go on, get rolling…

As if I.G.P. isn’t already awesome enough, it’s also the first beer to come out of our still-shiny-because-it’s-so-new Port Melbourne Brewery. To start with, I.G.P. will be available in draught only in a bunch of equally awesome venues until the brewers stop itching and actually bottle it.

Head brewer Scott Vincent put down his pint of I.G.P. long enough to say, “Some might say that brewing beer is the ultimate dream job, but no-one ever talks about I.G.P. syndrome that’s a result of the hot, hard conditions we endure brewing.

“It’s a small price to pay though. I.G.P. might be a difficult beer to make but it sure is a beauty to drink. Refreshing, balanced, cleansing on the palate, it’s the ultimate Australian ale.”

Being such a refreshing ale means I.G.P. can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere and matched with anything, but the Matilda Bay brewers will all tell you that they can’t think of a better partner for I.G.P. than gourmet lamb sausages and kangaroo steaks on the BBQ.

From the 2,000 square metre Port Melbourne Brewery that now serves as home base for Matilda Bay also comes Matilda Bay Brewery Company’s other beers and cider as well as all their crazy ideas for new brews.

To become a fan of Matilda Bay visit and search for Matilda Bay Brewing Company or follow Matilda Bay on Twitter @MatildaBayBeer.

I.G.P will be available on tap at selected bars and pubs around the country from February, 2012. Keep your eye on Facebook and Twitter to find out where the first I.G.P. taps will be available. 4.7% ABV.

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Carlton Dry Offers Antidote To Rising Living Costs

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Moving out of your parents home and making your own way in the world has long been a rite of passage for young Australians. However, with the cost of living continuing to rise, share house living is often the only option available to young people look for a cost-effective accommodation.

Nationwide there are currently around 573,000 Aussies aged 18-24 years living in a shared household*, an increase of 40,000 people in the past 2 years**. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, life costs rose quite significantly over the past three months, with rent (up 4.5%), electricity (up 10.7%) and water (up 12.8%) rising and hurting share houses across the country. In addition, the cost of food increased by 6.1% over the same period with price rises in staples such as fruit (rising 66.6% in price) and vegetables (rising 9.7% in price) costing Aussies more than ever before.


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Beer Cartel Brings Growlers To Sydney

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Boutique beer store Beer Cartel has introduced keg fresh beer as it seeks to become Sydney’s premier craft beer bottleshop. In January 2011, online retailer Beer Cartel made the decision to open a bottle store in the suburb of Artarmon, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. The premise for the store was to become Sydney’s premier craft beer bottleshop, with an aim of bringing the amazing flavours brewed in craft breweries in Australia and overseas to the homes of consumers.

McLaren Vale Dry Wins Gold

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Vale Dry from the McLaren Vale Beer Company has recently won a gold medal to call its own at the 2011 International Beer Challenge in London – one of only two Australian brews to win gold.

Head Brewer Jeff Wright said the McLaren Vale team was elated with the win: “We love Vale Dry, we know our fans appreciate it, and now to have a panel of international judges tasting over two days and then awarding it gold is very satisfying indeed,” Jeff said.

The International Beer Challenge has been held annually for the past 15 years with the judging panel made up of beer aficionados, drinks journalists and category experts. A total of 25 gold medals, 64 silvers and 127 bronzes were awarded globally.

The McLaren Vale Dry is now in the running to be judged the world’s best beer with trophy winners and the overall winner of the International Beer Challenge to be announced at an awards ceremony in London on September 12.

The McLaren Vale Beer Company’s range is steadily expanding with Vale Ale, Vale IPA, Vale Dry with a forth brew Vale Dark set to be launched next week.

For more info be sure to check out

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Victoria Bitter Goes Back In Time To 1958 With Limited Release Can Design

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

VB, Australia’s favourite beer, today launched a new heritage branded VB can. The first in a series of exciting innovations set to hit the Aussie market this year, the limited edition packaging features the original artwork which adorned the first ever VB can sold back in 1958.

1958 was a significant year for beer, as VB and Fosters simultaneously became the first Australian beer to be sold in cans. Originally launched as a 13 1/3 fluid ounce steel container, the first VB cans lacked the convenient ring-pull of the modern aluminium can, instead requiring drinkers to punch a hole in the top using a  ‘church key’ device. But the brewers were definitely onto something, identifying that the new packaging could chill beer faster than glass – and the tinnie was a perfect fit for the ‘best cold beer`.

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Carlton Dry gives Aussies 100 reasons to drop everything

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Recognising that the greatest lives are shaped by random fun, Carlton Dry, one of Australia’s fastest growing beer brands, has today announced the ‘Carlton Dry 100’, a year-long promotion which puts one hundred once-in-a-lifetime experiences up for grabs.

With the ‘Carlton Dry 100’ there is no piking. If you win, you have to drop what you are doing, grab your mates and set off on your adventure within 48 hours. If you fail to act in time and don’t have the guts to go for it then you get nothing. A new winner is selected and the ‘Carlton Dry 100’ challenge is issued to them.

From being chased by wild bulls in Spain, to living it up in Las Vegas, the rewards are all about grabbing whatever random opportunity comes your way and going for it. Kicking off on June 30, a range of experiences will be given away every week for the next year.

Vincent Ruiu, Carlton group marketing manager said, “The ‘Carlton Dry 100’ gives its fans the chance to live in the now, and know that tomorrow doesn’t matter until tomorrow.

At Carlton Dry, we’re all about rewarding those people who are up for dropping everything and doing something random with their mates.”

If you’re all about having an awesome time with your mates, doing whatever you want, whenever you want, then sign-up to be part of the ‘Carlton Dry 100’ on the Carlton Dry Facebook page and you’ll be the first to know about each prize draw:

With 100 prize draws in play, every few days a new prize draw will kick off, keeping the good times coming all year long. Each prize draw will open with a call to action through multiple media channels including the Carlton Dry Facebook and Twitter accounts, by email and via the brand new ‘Carlton Dry 100’ iPhone app, designed to let Dry drinkers know when the entry window into the latest competition is open.

Other prizes worth dropping everything for and living in the now include: A trip for three to a full moon party in Thailand, being VIP with your mates at the opening party of SPACE nightclub in Ibiza, adrenaline-packed snowboarding trips, exhilarating motocross lessons and much, much more. Carlton Dry is a refreshing, easy drinking dry lager brewed to have a smooth crisp finish, with lower carbohydrates.

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Carlton Draught Brings Australias Best Tasting Meat To Sydney

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Sydneysider’s mouths are set to water this week, as Australia’s favourite tap beer, Carlton Draught, brings Australia’s greatest tasting meat to selected pubs around Sydney.

Carlton Draught partnered with free range farm, Jac Wagyu, to rear 20 head of cattle on the quality ingredients used to create Australia’s favourite draught beer, Carlton Draught.

The result of this program is a modern twist on a classic Australian pub tradition of beer and meat trays.

“Carlton Draught and pub meat trays are both classic Aussie traditions,” said Vincent Ruiu, Carlton Group Marketing Manager. “The only way we could make this better was to combine Australia’s favourite draught beer with Australia’s finest meat trays.”

The meat has been produced to celebrate the Carlton Draught Massive Meat Wheel promotion which gives Aussies the chance to go for a spin on the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel, the EDF Energy London Eye, competing to win $100,000 and a meat tray.

The Carlton Draught Wagyu Beef, made from beer, will be available for sampling at a series of pub tasting events across Sydney including:

  • Longueville Hotel, Lane Cove – 11 April
  • Nelson Hotel, Bondi Junction – 16 April
  • Orient Hotel, CBD – 14 April
  • Paragon, CBD – 21 April
  • Oaks Hotel, Neutral Bay – 11 April

Also a limited amount of the Carlton Draught Wagyu Beef will be available for Australians to purchase directly from Jac Wagyu or one of their preferred suppliers via the company’s website

For more details on these tasting events and other events in different states watch for updates on the Carlton Draught Facebook page at

For more information on the Massive Meat Wheel promotion visit:

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