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Jägermeister launches RTD Range

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

The much loved premium German spirit brand Jägermeister is launching two new RTDs to the Australian market, the first ever Jägermeister line extensions in the brands 77 year history. For the first time ever Jägermeister will now be available as a convenient, premixed ready to drink in a take home format.

The two premium RTD flavours are based on quality ingredients with taste profiles similar to those Jägermeister fans have long enjoyed at the bar:

Jägermeister RAW – a strong blend of the much loved taste of Jägermeister combined with guarana extract and other 100% natural ingredients creating a fresh
unique drink.

Jägermeister Ginger Lime – a refreshing blend of Jägermeister combined with 100% natural ginger root and fresh lime creating a refreshing mix of bitter and sweet.

“We’re really excited about this launch as we know it’s what Jägermeister drinkers have been waiting for. People love the unique taste of Jägermeister and want to enjoy it in different ways outside of the usual bar environment with friends – home, parties, and barbecues. Last year we introduced the Jägermeister & Ginger Beer as an on premise long drink, which was really successful, the new RTDs are part of that evolution for the brand in Australia” said Michael Bouda, Jägermeister brand manager, Suntory.

The packaging takes inspiration from the Jägermeister bottle design featuring the stag head which refers to the legend of St. Hubertus the patron saint of hunters.  Jägermeister RAW and Jägermeister Ginger Lime are available from all good liquor retailers around Australia from August with a RRP of $19.99 per 4 pack x 330ml cans.

The Rocks Brewing Company IPA Returns

Monday, August 6th, 2012

The Sydney based Rocks Brewing Company has announced the long return of its award winning India Pale Ale (IPA) to Harts Pub on Gloucester St in The Rocks.

At 7% Alcohol, the beer is big and has its front foot forward at 70 Bitterness Units with a load of dry hops thrown in at the end. The Rocks Brewing Company IPA was recently awarded a Silver Medal at the 2012 Australian International Beer Awards.

The limited edition IPA was first launched in 2011 after General Manager Mark Fethers returned from San Diego, the home of many craft beers, all ‘green and hoppy eyed’. “My withdrawal from hops was painful and normal beer didn’t have any flavour anymore”, he said. “Getting off the plane I called Rocks Brewing Head Brewer Scotty Morgan and announced the IPA was to be our next specialty brew.”. Once brewed the first batch of The Rocks IPA turned out to be extremely popular and sold out in less than three weeks.

Fethers and Morgan attended the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego this April and to the delight of Rocks Brewing punters, returned inspired for another round of Rocks Brewing IPA.
Out of the 52 local breweries on show, Morgan said the majority of the IPA’s were above 6% with huge hop assaults on the palate, most with remarkable balance. “The first time I tasted Green Flash West Coast IPA I was hooked and like Fethers last year, I was like a walking hop cone when we got back to Sydney after two weeks of IPA drinking,” he said. “We’re very excited about the return of IPA to Harts Pub.”

More Info:
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