Matilda Bay brewers a beer from their Itchy Green Pants

February 6, 2012 – 4:31 pm

Inspiration can come from the strangest places, just ask the brewers of Matilda Bay Brewing Company. As the beer boffins tried to name their incredibly hard to make but very easy to drink cloudy ale, they scratched their head and they scratched their hot and itchy green work pants (an occupational hazard of the job) and inspiration finally struck. From that point on, the brand new Matilda Bay ale was to be called (insert heralding trumpet here)… I.G.P. (Itchy Green Pants).

I.G.P. is the beer the Matilda Bay brewers have always wanted to brew so it’s only fitting that the name be a hat tip to the hot, sweaty work they put in day in and day out brewing great beer.

Here’s what you need to know – it’s an Australian ale, it’s 100 per cent malt, mmmm malty goodness, it’s conditioned, it’s cloudy and it will absolutely slake your thirst. There’s a fruity aroma with an initial maltiness that leads into a creamy mouth feel. Some late-hopped fruity Galaxy & peppery Summer Saaz hops give it a zesty clean finish. It’s also got some naturally occurring yeast sediment that adds a very nice complex flavour profile and means before you crack one open you’ll need to give the bottle an enthusiastic roll to unsettle this yeasty goodness before pouring. So go on, get rolling…

As if I.G.P. isn’t already awesome enough, it’s also the first beer to come out of our still-shiny-because-it’s-so-new Port Melbourne Brewery. To start with, I.G.P. will be available in draught only in a bunch of equally awesome venues until the brewers stop itching and actually bottle it.

Head brewer Scott Vincent put down his pint of I.G.P. long enough to say, “Some might say that brewing beer is the ultimate dream job, but no-one ever talks about I.G.P. syndrome that’s a result of the hot, hard conditions we endure brewing.

“It’s a small price to pay though. I.G.P. might be a difficult beer to make but it sure is a beauty to drink. Refreshing, balanced, cleansing on the palate, it’s the ultimate Australian ale.”

Being such a refreshing ale means I.G.P. can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere and matched with anything, but the Matilda Bay brewers will all tell you that they can’t think of a better partner for I.G.P. than gourmet lamb sausages and kangaroo steaks on the BBQ.

From the 2,000 square metre Port Melbourne Brewery that now serves as home base for Matilda Bay also comes Matilda Bay Brewery Company’s other beers and cider as well as all their crazy ideas for new brews.

To become a fan of Matilda Bay visit and search for Matilda Bay Brewing Company or follow Matilda Bay on Twitter @MatildaBayBeer.

I.G.P will be available on tap at selected bars and pubs around the country from February, 2012. Keep your eye on Facebook and Twitter to find out where the first I.G.P. taps will be available. 4.7% ABV.

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