Cointreau rediscovers the forgotten art of the cocktail hour

July 13, 2011 – 1:30 pm

With a retrospective nod to the past golden age of the cocktail hour, Cointreau is launching on July 14th an online guide to home entertaining and recreating the cocktail hour. Putting a modern twist on their cocktails, the Cointreau guide also covers early evening etiquette, fanciful food, sophisticated styling and all things necessary when gathering with friends for a cocktail party at home.

The Cointreau Art of the Cocktail Hour blog will educate readers how to mix and serve signature cocktails with basic tools and terminology; cocktail hour etiquette; how to host your cocktail hour with ease and sophistication; what’s in and out of food fashion; and learn tips on themeing and styling yourself and your home to perfection.

Kristy Officer, Cointreau brand manager, commented: “With home entertaining on the rise we created the Art of the Cocktail Hour so that consumers can get more from their drinking at home experience by educating them on savvy cocktail consumption. Cocktails are often perceived as too complicated so we hope the blog will demystify this and encourage people to experiment more at home.

Contributors to Art of the Cocktail Hour include Cointreau’s cocktail connoisseur Matthew Barnett and Karen Lavecky from Lotus & Ming as well as vintage culture expert Pia Andersen from Vintage Allsorts, designers Zoe Ritch and Billie Shennen from Zed & Bee and Gaynor Adler from a Modern Women’s Survival Guide. Karen Lavecky, founder of gourmet food company, Lotus & Ming: “With our hectic lifestyles, we  seem to have forgotten the joy of home entertaining. It is so easy to order take away and open a bottle of wine, instead of taking the time to create a fabulous affair. Cointreau’s Art of the Cocktail Hour will give readers all the handy hints and tips they need to host the perfect soiree at home as well as delicious recipes and styling tips to add the finishing touch.

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    I love the look of the beautiful Dita Von Teese Christmas classic Cointreau bottle design, and was wondering whether it is still available for purchase?

    ps: loves Cointreau out of the freezer 🙂

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