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Cointreau cocktails for this summer

Monday, November 15th, 2010

With the party season fast approaching, get into the festive spirit with some delicious Cointreau inspired cocktails. As the iconic French spirit, Cointreau has been representing style and glamour since 1849 and is a key ingredient in many classic cocktails. So whether you’re dancing the night away at a stylish Christmas party or lounging by the pool bar with friends, a Cointreau cocktail is the perfect accessory to ensure a sophisticated summer.


Bluetongue announces new look products

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Bluetongue announced today the new look of its Bluetongue Premium Lager and Bluetongue Premium Light products.

With its modern fresh look, the redesign intends to firmly position Bluetongue Premium Lager and Bluetongue Premium Light within the premium domestic beer category.

Pieta Jordan, Marketing Manager of Bluetongue, said “The refresh of Premium Lager and Light reflects the contemporary position of the Bluetongue brand, whilst enhancing the great taste that is being brewed in our new state of the art Warnervale brewery. We see this fresh look as a great way to engage today’s’ Australian Premium Beer drinkers; and encourage them to try the great taste of Bluetongue. Whether they are a loyal drinker or a first time taster, we know our taste won’t disappoint.”


Carlton Dry Fusion Black 4.2% Alcohol

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Poured into a glass a bright golden colour with a medium level of carbonation and a small white coloured head. The aroma is a bit odd consisting mostly of lemons and an artificial cinnamon.

On the palate Carlton Dry Fusion Black comes across with lemonade, faint clove flavours accompanied with a watery mouth feel. The beer ends clean with a slightly cloying watery lemon after taste.

Score: 1.5 / 10

Verdict: Avoid at all costs! I am not exactly sure what the person that came up with this brew was thinking its basically a spiced shandy, even in your mouth the beer seems to have trouble deciding if its a beer or a alcopop. I will give the people at Fosters 10 / 10 for being brave enough to try something out of the ordinary, but I cant see this beer catching on and think it will be lucky to stay on the shelves for 6 months.

Where to buy: Carlton Fusion Black will be coming to most bottleshops near you soon and will cost around $43 a case.

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Hargreaves Hill ESB 5.2% Alcohol

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Poured into a glass with an above average sized head which slowly faded down to leave a thick lace covering. Dark amber in colour and clear although the liquid appeared to contain suspended solids throughout. The aroma was plentiful with cinnamon, toffee, brown sugar, caramel, citrus and bread notes abound.

The body is fairly solid on this beer with a slightly creamy mouth feel, although the hops dominate this beer on the palate in a big way. An aggressive bitterness kicks in pretty much straight away and seems to dominate all the way to the back. In the flavour department the malt seems to bring toffee, caramel and oranges notes, while the hops are full of resinous grapefruit, pine and tropical fruit notes.


Antarctic Nail Ale Now The Most Expensive Beer In The World

Friday, November 5th, 2010

On November 3rd bottle number one (from 30) of the Antarctic Nail Ale from Nail Brewing in Perth sold at auction for $800. Taking the title of most expensive beer from Brewdog’s recently released limited edition “The End of History” ($765). The Antarctic Nail Ale has also stolen from Crown Ambassador Reserve ($90) the title of Australia’s most expensive beer.

This unique beer was brewed in Western Australia with ice brought back from the Antarctic on the Sea Shepherds last campaign. All money raised from Antarctic Nail Ale will go to the Sea Shepherd to help fight the Japanese whaling in the Antarctic sanctuary.

Christmas Beer For That Special Someone

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Everyone has at least one person in their life who is hard to buy gifts for, why not think Beer for this Christmas.Its refreshing on a hot Christmas, travels well and is easy to transport! Beer Cartel has recently put together some premium beer gift packs for that special beer lover in your life.

Mixed Boutique Beer 12 Pack – $59.00 + P&H

An excellent gift for any beer enthusiast! The beers within this selection have been hand picked for their quality and variety – it’s definitely not the standard Heineken and Corona beer pack you’ll find at your local liquor store. Each package includes 12 completely different beers from a mix of Australian and International breweries delivered to your door. Also included is a tasting booklet with information on each beer and a rating sheet to allow the lucky recipient to become a real beer connoisseur!

Beer Club 6 Month Membership – $294.00 + P&H

Perfect for the beer die hard in your life, the Beer Cartel beer club membership is the gift that keeps on giving! Each month the recipient will receive 12 premium craft beers (3 beers each from 4 breweries) delivered straight to their door. Beer styles vary, guaranteeing something new to experience each month, from amazing Porters to sensational Ales. Tasting notes are included allowing the lucky beneficiary to learn about these hard to find beers from Australia and around the world. A sensational gift for those that think they have tasted everything!

Skinny Blonde Low Carb Lager 24 Pack- $66.95 + P&H

Skinny Blonde is an all Australian, all natural, low carb beer brewed in Sydney with a world first label.
The beer’s inception began when three friends; The Vines drummer Hamish Rosser, winemaker Richie Harkman and artist Jarrod Taylor built a pilot brewery in Jarrod’s laundry and then, inspired by premium Japanese beers, set to work on a crisp, dry, easy drinking beer for all occasions. Using cheeky branding in the form of ‘Daisy’, a 1950s pin up girl, the beer is beginning to create quite a stir. The bottle utilises modern ink technology, which has allowed the brewers to achieve a world first – having Daisy’s bikini “disappear” as the beer is savoured. Enjoy and watch the difference!

For more details or to purchase any of the gift packs visit the Beer Cartel website.