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Stout / Porter Brewshare @ The Local Taphouse

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The rain was pelting down in Sydney last night, but it didn’t stop a crowd of home brewers converging on The Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst. Every few months the Taphouse plays host to an event for beer loves named “Brewshare”. A style for the night is set and homebrewers bring along their brews to share and be judged, last night the theme was Porters / Stouts which was a good choice considering the inclement weather on the night.
It ended up being a great night that was thoroughly enjoyed by all, below are some of the brews I was fortunate enough to taste (sorry to anyone I missed, your sheet didn’t make it home me!):

Oak Imperial Stout

Ben Buxton

8.5% Alcohol


Caramalt, Crystal malt, roasted barley

Chinook & Cascade hops

Irish Ale & Whitelabs super high gravity


This brew sat on bourboned oak chips for 3 weeks. This added a great level of complexity and also help smooth it out, even at 8.5% this brew was pretty easy drinking.

Pret a Porter

Peter Philip


4.8% Alcohol

30 IBU

35 SRM


Pale malt, flaked barley, black barley, caraamber and chocolate malt

East Kent Goldings

Safale S-04


This brew was transferred from keg to plastics bottles which I think result in a loss of the aroma. Although what it lacked in the smell it more than made up with in taste very smooth and easy to drink.

German Dark Ale

Greg Hughes


none provided


Light malt extract, black grain

Northern Brewer & Hallertau Hops

European Ale Yeast


Awesome aroma I think I am a sucker for anything with Hallertau in it, on the palate  very tasty and easy drinking.

The Governor

Michael Hodge


8.5% Alcohol

53 IBU


Light malt extract, roasted barley, crystal grain, caramalt, roasted wattle seeds

Perle & Hallertau Hops

Lager yeast


This was possibly my favourite beer of the night, packed full of flavour. The roasted wattle seeds added a great uniqueness to this brew, on the palate Cherries and raisins shone though balanced perfectly balanced with the heat from the alcohol.

Cherry Fever Stout

Sam Haldane


6.5% Alcohol

30 IBU

60 SRM


Light & Dark DME, Medium crystal, black malt, roasted barley

Northern Brewer & Willamette hops

Wyeast #1272 (American Ale 2)


Very rich the cherries combined perfectly with the stouts richness to produce something akin to a Cherry Ripe in liquid form.

Kobushi Black Dragon

Jesse Hopwood


6.75% Alcohol


Liquid caramel extract, light DME, Chocolate, pale, crystal and carafa I malts

Perle, East Kent Goldings, Chinook, Saaz and Northern Brewer hops

Safale US yeast


This beer definitely didn’t leave you wanting for taste. The extensive use of different hop varieties gave a hug level of complexity.

Coco Coconut Stout

Anthony Mills


5.89% Alcohol

36.5 IBU

70.6 EBC


Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise – Chocolate malt, Simpsons Golden naked oats, black malt, Weyerman Caraamber, Bairds Maris Otter, Light and dark DME

Challenger and Fuggles hops

Wyeast #1028 (London Ale)

Coconut meat, 1 vanilla bean, 90ml Malibu rum, Cocoa beans


This was my own entry into the comp, and it did alot better than I expected it came second and won me a yeast voucher from Daves homebrew store in North Sydney. The first few weeks in the bottle the vanilla was overpowering to the point it I was going to write it off as a dud brew given time to age though this died down to a more subtle level, I couldn’t really taste the coconut although most people said they could.

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