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Hazards Ale – 5.2% Alcohol

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

hazards_aleWhen i received this bottle i wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, the bottle’s label is fairly plain and unassuming. Also this was the first i had ever heard of Wineglass Bay Brewing. I find it strange that for a state so well known in beer circles for barley, hops, Cascade and Boags we don’t see more happening on the Craft Beer scene down south. Nevertheless i put my bottle of Hazards Ale in the fridge and waited not knowing what to expect….

Emptying the bottle into a glass the beer was a nice straw colour with a head around 3cm in size, this slowly died over the space of a few minutes to leave a nice lace covering. Aroma wise i struggled to get much at all, bar the faint smell of citrus fruit and the odd hint of freshly cut strawberries.

On the palate this beer was extremely clean, combining a gentle hop bitterness with some wheat tones, hints of toffee flavoured sweetness accompanied by notes of citrus fruits and a touch of spice.

Score: 7.9 / 10

Verdict: This ale is super clean, on a hot summers day this type of easy drinking session beer would be hard to beat.


Where to buy: Online at their website.

Monteiths Hearty Black Beer 5.2%

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Montieths_blackI hate to admit it, but i am waiting for a Monteiths beer to knock me over they seem to be trying alot of unique twists with their beer which is fantastic! But everyone of their beers i have tried so far has come up short in the taste and left me mildly disappointed. So when i got a bottle of the Monteiths Hearty Black Beer i got pretty excited, i love my darker beers and figured it was time for me to be bowled over.
Decanting the bottle into a glass this beer looks very appetizing with a light brown head about two fingers in size which died off over the space of a couple of minutes. The aroma on this brew was also very enticing packed with dark fruit, cocoa and spices. On the palate this beer is also pretty good consisting of a nice creamy mouth feel, light bitterness which brings out a nice nutty flavour. The flavours that lead the way are coffee and cocoa although toffee, honey and cherry flavours are also present.
The beer then finishes on the palate very clean with a very mild lingering mocha aftertaste.

Score: 5.6 / 10
Verdict: Started off great although something about the balance was a little bit of and by the end of the bottle i was a bit over it. Its not something i would go out of my way for again but i would happily drink another at some stage for something a bit different.
Where to buy: Dan Murphy’s stocks this, i got my bottle online from Slow Beer though.

Sheaf Stout 5.7% Alcohol

Friday, August 14th, 2009

sheaf_stoutBeing skinny all of my life when i was 18 i wanted nothing more than to put on weight and “get big”. Unfortunately though weight gain was just not something that came easy to me.

After a futile few weeks of eating massive meals every day and getting nowhere a mate’s dad came up with a solution. He told me that if i drank two long necks of Sheaf Stout per evening the weight gain would take care of itself. I still remember hating the stuff but forcing it down every night in the name of bulking up! In this instance my perseverance did pay off, after around 2 months of the long neck drinking regime i was around 8 kilograms beefier!

After the period of nightly beer “dieting” was over, Sheaf Stout and i parted ways. But of course it couldn’t go on forever ten years later, as per usual i saw the rows of Sheaf Stout peering out from their brightly lit fridge in the bottlo. But this time it was different the question popped up in my head, was it really that horrible? Sheaf was my first introduction dark beers, maybe i had just misunderstood it’s qualities before wrongly relegating it to the category of “hobo piss”?

Getting the bottle home i could hardly wait to get into a glass, it poured a lot better than i remembered with a dark black colour, lively level of carbonation, around 2 -3 fingers of greyish coloured head. This died down over the space of 4-5 minutes to a thin foam lacing that lasted pretty much the whole time their was still beer under it.

The aroma seemed very easy to miss but with a bit of trying i was able to detect a mild coffee smell. First taste was still while the beer was very cold, and came across as clean, mild tasting brew with coffee flavours dominating the back of the palate along with a hint of cocoa.

Then i made the mistake of allowing the beer to warm up a bit, a bad move indeed…. The coffee flavour became a lot more pronounced but this time without its buddy chocolate holding it’s hand. Overall tt still wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the bitterness that now made an appearance on the palate, highly unpleasant, acrid that seemed to storm across the drinkers tongue like a horde of unwelcome barbarians raping and pillaging.

A bit of warmth in this brew had me wondering should i even bother to finish it?

Verdict: If this beer could be kept at at a super low temperature you could knock them back pretty easy. Let it warm up though, and it’s best to leave it with the hobos and those dieting.

Score: 4.2 / 10


Where to buy: In the long neck / singles area of pretty much every mainstream bottle shop in NSW.

White Rabbit Dark Ale 5.2%

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

wr_dark_aleThe guys from Little Creatures a few years back really changed the way everyone thought about beer with their big malty ale creations from the west coast. Last year they expanded and opened up a brand new brewery located in Healesville, Victoria. Rather than continuing production under the Little Creatures brand in the east, the new brewhouse creates beers under the White Rabbit banner.The dark ale from White Rabbit proves the dedication to tasty ales has not changed one bit though with the move across the country.

Decanting a bottle into a glass presents a deep copper colour ale, sporting a short lived tan coloured head. The aroma is hard to catch when cold, but is packed with big malt notes, accompanied with hints of bruised apple and fresh cut grass.

On the palate toffee and caramel flavours dominate along with hints of plum, raisins and apple. The hops stop the malt overpowering the drinker, resulting in a beautifully balanced ale. The aftertaste is sweet, with a fantastic hop twang that leaves the taster longing for that next sip.

Rating: 7.9 / 10

Verdict: This is not a beer you want to drink quick, its a drop that encourages you to take it slow and enjoy every sip. If you love big malty ales you won’t find one much tastier than this number.