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Meantime Chocolate (UK) 6.5% Alcohol

Friday, June 26th, 2009

meantime_chocolateI didn’t really know what to expect with the Meantime Chocolate, it comes in a mini champagne style bottle setting it apart in looks from most other “stubbies”.
Decanting the bottle into a glass offers a surprisingly lively beer with a nice large light brown head which slowly dies down to leave a small collar resting atop the beer until finished. The aroma is mild at first mostly cocoa hints but allowed to warm up a bit the beer develops these into a full blown chocolate nose.
On the palate as on the nose it is easy to see the Chocolate connection, with cocoa, coffee and caramel notes bursting forth at the drinker. It has a silky smooth mouth feel, which seems to transform the taste in subtle ways with each new sip.

Verdict: Very smooth, seemed to get better the further down the bottle you got. That said it’s a sipper something to quietly enjoy at home of a night.
Score:8.2 /10

Link: Meantime Brewing

Where to buy:
I got mine shipped to me from they have a fantastic selection of craft beers. Not sure where else it can be found 🙁

Mountain Goat – Surefoot Stout 5.0% Alcohol

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Mountain Goat is a relatively new Victorian brewery but they seem very capable when it comes to brewing a great tasting beer and this is earning them a legion of fans around the country. Their Surefoot Stout doesn’t seem to deviate any from the high standards set by their their other beers either.

In a glass it exhibits a medium sized tan head over a very dark almost black lightly carbonated body. Which aroma wise dominated by cocoa notes. To taste the flavor is mostly made up of toasted malt flavours accompanied by rich cocoa and coffee hints which leave a faint nutty quality in the aftertaste.

I found this beer to be highly enjoyable and satisfying, perfect for unwinding at home after work on a cold winters night.

Rating: 7.9 / 10


Where to buy:

4 Newington Road
Silverwater 2218
delivered from
The Beerstore

Red Oak Honey Ale – NSW 4.7% Alcohol

Friday, June 19th, 2009

When i saw this beer I had to give it a go as they are one of my favorite local breweries here in Sydney. Also an Ale brewed with Tasmanian honey is not something you come across everyday and this beer proved itself to be a very unique drop.

In a glass this brew appears a murky straw colour with a lively medium sized head resting on top which lasted around 5 minutes before slowly starting to die away. The aroma caught me off guard at first as being very similar to a white wine with a passion fruit like presence that was very reminiscent of a semillion.

The taste come on with a mild bitterness, which is then quickly replaced by a wave of tropical flavours of Guava and Passion fruit ending with a sour tang and a dry mouth feel.

Verdict:It would probably pair with a light meal as good as any white wine. Maybe work good as a starter beer on a hot summers day but the tang at the end was too much for me and made me think the beer was partially oxidized.

Rating: 4.7 / 10

Link: Red Oak Brewery Cafe

Bright Staircase Porter – 5.7% Alcohol – Vic

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Its that time of year again in Sydney when it gets cold, and our drinking preferences change from super chilled light easy drinking lagers to something a bit more refined with plenty of body. Something to sip on slowly and ponder the flavours on a cold winters night.

The Bright Staircase porter is the perfect match to the genre, emptying the bottle into a glass you are greeted by a brew, black as the ace of spades accompanied with a white creamy tightly packed headed which slowly dies down after a few minutes. This beer’s aroma predominantly features toasted coffee with hints of cocoa. On the palate it come across slightly sweet with on at the start, followed by blast of flavour comes through mid way featuring sweet oatmeal and coffee flavours with the odd hint of chocolate leaving an after-taste which is predominated by toffee and caramel notes

To drink i found this beer to be somewhat similar in flavour to a Coopers Stout although a fair bit smoother.

**Best enjoyed around 8 – 9 Degrees Celsius to let the full range of flavours shine though.

Verdict: An excellent dark beer, great to sip on a cold rainy winters night. Order yourself a case online from the brewery you won’t regret it!

Rating: 8.3 / 10

Link: Bright Brewery

Gentlemen’s Pale Ale 4.8% Alcohol – SA

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this beer with it’s very original label. Pouring it into a glass presented a slightly hazy straw coloured brew with a mild aroma that displayed hints of plum and and tropical fruits.
Tasting this beer was definitely no chore it’s a beautifully balanced ale, on the palate the drinker is presented with an interesting initial hit of bitterness on the front of the palate, with hints of fruit and leaning toward apple and citrus.This then transitions at the back of the palate to a warm toffee flavour leaving a pleasant slightly sweet and tangy after-taste. This beer uses 2 varieties of hops (Sterlings and Goldings) that helps give this beer a high level of complexity, and keeps the drinker with the impression they are missing some of the more subtle flavours.

Verdict:This is without a doubt one of the best pale ales i have tried in a while, the after-taste keeps you wondering and drives you back for more.

Rating: 8.0 / 10

Link: Gentlemens Brewing Company Pty Ltd

iShot machine iPhone / Ipod Touch App

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Ever been left unattended in a bar full of booze and not been able to decide what to drink? No either have i, but if in some strange parallel universe this scenario was to happen i would have no trouble deciding on a tasty shot to drink with the iShot machine application.
After installing the application on an Apple iPhone or iPod touch, simply load it up, shake the device, the reel of the old school style pokie will start spinning and you will be presented with the recipe for a shot to drink.
You can then add the selected shot to your favorites list and rate it, the rating is uploaded to a central server for a social drinking 2.0 feel. If you don’t like the random approach to choosing a drink you can always just browse the drinks database, which contains the recipes for over 3,000 shooters.
Your search over the database can even further be refined to limit the recipes returned to certain types of spirits to match your tastes and spirit types to hand. At $2.49 AUD this app won’t cost you the earth and if you like drinking shots or the challenge of making them, i think its worth the purchase just for a mobile database of shot recipes.

iTunes Link: iShot Machine page
Publisher: Oasys Mobile