Red Angus Pilsner, NSW 4.5% Alcohol

May 27, 2009 – 3:05 am

Seems to me alot of microbreweries in Australia are making beer with a bovine theme lately. Mallie Bull and Holgate brewhouse with a bull as their mascot, then i came across this Red Angus Pilsner the other day whilst browsing an isle of my local Dan Murphys. I brought a bottle and put it in the fridge for later. Coming home from work today i was thirsty i wanted beer any beer, this one was cold and ready to go and it didn’t disappoint.

On the appearance side this drop is bright yellow in colour, with a loose sudsy head which quickly dropped down to a thin lace covering although the beer itself has a good level of carbonation. The aroma is dominated by floral notes (very similar in smell to a rose i thought).

On the drinking side i found the bitterness of the hops nicely balanced with the assertive malt flavours. Notes of pepper, lemon and honey where the primary flavors i could pick out. The beer then finishes with a mild dry bitter / tang as an aftertaste.

Verdict: I enjoyed this beer quite a lot,very refreshing! Not a beer i could see myself drinking all the time but it has a fairly complex taste and makes a very pleasant change from the mainstream.

Rating: 7.4 / 10

Link: Angus Beers

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