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Hungover? You better grab a bacon sanga!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Still no cure for cancer, but it seems researchers are working on things just as important! The boffins recently announcing that a bacon sandwich can provide relief to those suffering a hangover.

Apparently its all about the carbs and amino acids. Personally i don’t like to take half measures so just to be sure i like to throw in some vegemite and eggs. Vegemite is chock a block full of B vitamins, which are known to magically go missing from your body after you have been drinking.

The humble egg also helps by being packed with large amounts of cysteine which helps rid the body of acetaldehyde. A nasty chemical created in the process your liver uses to process alcohol.

If you can stomach them three and still feel like the walking dead, simply go back to bed your hangover is not going anywhere in a hurry!

Anzac Day Beer Tastings

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

zlatopramenWent into Dan Murphy’s today and decided to grab a variety of beers to try for something different, some where good some were not, here is my run down on those i have  tried so far.

Birra Moretti (Italy) – 4.6% Alcohol

Sweet, with a subtle nutty aftertaste, fairly similar to a Canadian blonde.

Rating: 4/10

Verdict: Nothing really to write home about, one point was added for the retro style label and the guys mustache on the label.


Monteiths Enlivening Summer Ale (New Zealand) – 5.0% Alcohol

Very strange aroma reminiscent of lemonade. This is a strange beer not your everyday brew, tastes like a soft drink with a herbal taste that whacks your taste buds about 2 seconds after swallowing.

Verdict: Possibly a refreshing brew tp drink on a hot summers day, couldn’t see myself wanting another anytime soon.

Rating: 3/10


Wychwood Hobgoblin (UK) – 5.2% Alcohol

Thick creamy head, nice dark colour close to porter well balanced flavour profile with a gentle bitterness and a subtle toffee aftertaste.

Verdict: Very smooth i could definitely get used to drinking this.

Rating: 7/10


Zlatopramen (Czech Republic) – 4.8% Alcohol

Nice golden lager, with a pleasant bitterness and a subtle sweet aftertaste.

Verdict: This is what lager is all about smooth, refreshing, not much to think about.



Mallee Bull (Australia) – 5.6%

Copper in colour, soft malt aroma, very clean tasting with a gentle bitterness.

Verdict: WOW, these guys have excelled and made an ale that’s full of complexity, very smooth and not overpowering in any way shape or form.

Rating: 8/10


Coles discontinuing homebrew line

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

cascade_porterIt seems that Coles stores on the Northern Beaches (probably elsewhere in Sydney too) are discontinuing their home brew lines.

Which is bad news for those of us that like to throw down a brew every now and then, as it’s going to mean a bit more stuffing around if we want to a cheap and cheerful drink like a Brigalow cider.

But in the short term its great news for the home brewer as they are selling all their stock at reduced prices. The Manly Coles in the Corso has all cans marked for sale between $4.10 and $5.10. I hear it’s also the same story in the Coles at Warringah Mall so better rush out and stock up while it lasts!

I got myself a can of the Cascade Chocolate Mahogany Porter for $4 which i look forward to brewing up with some grain to enhance the taste a bit.

P.S It has since come to our attention they haven’t discontinued homebrew altogether just shrunk their extract range to encompass the basic Coopers and Toohey’s cans. They still also thankfully have left the basics such as sterilizing powder, dextrose and crown seals, as many times i have started bottling only to realize i have no caps.

Pairing Beer With Your Meals

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009


For years people have been paying a great deal of care when it comes to selecting a wine to compliment a meal. Unfortunately the same attention to detail is rarely shown when selecting a beer to drink during a meal.

Fortunately this attitude is starting to change as people realise beer can, not only be a meal in its own right i.e morning beers for breakfast after a long night or it can enhance an actual solid meal.

One selling point of enjoying a beer during a meal as opposed to wine is its carbonation this helps cleanse the palate and lighten some of the more overpowering food flavours.

Beer Pairing Tips

There are some general rules of the thumb you should stick to when choosing a beer to enjoy during a meal some of which include:

  • Try and match sweet with sweet and tart with tart, you want the beer to complement the flavor of the food not fight it.
  • The more bitter the beer the more intense the flavors of the dish have to be in order to compensate. So something like VB probably isn’t the best choice for something with mellow flavors such as seafood.
  • When thinking of a beer to match with dinner, think of lagers as a white wine a with its lighter aromas and clean crisp flavors. Whereas a heavier ale is red wine’s brother in arms with its more complex aromas and bold flavors.
  • The darker the food the darker the beer to drink with it.
  • The spicier the food the more bitter the beer, a VB will nicely blend with Thai, and something with a higher content such as a IPA (Indian Pale Ale) will go great with an intense curry. Something which just doesn’t work as good for wine!

In Sydney?

If your in Sydney and interested in learning more about pairing food and beer you should enrol for a beer class at the Red Oak Cafe in Clarence Street. For $75 per person you receive a 4 course degustation meal with matching beers and an education in what beers go with what.

For those that prefer a less formal education the Pyrmont brewery Fusion Brewing has taken the whole food and beer thing to the next level, by actually going out and creating beers for certain foods. First up is their Blue Bottle beer the taste of which they describe as “a seductive blend of lifted aromatics, bitterness, and a citrus sting”, this beer was created specially to enjoy with seafood. The other beer in their portfolio is called Firefly Beer. This is a Pilsner that was designed to withstand the roar of spicy cuisine such as Indian, Thai, Malaysian etc.

Well there it is get out there and try new food and beer combination’s. The most important thing to keep in mind though, is don’t take it too seriously. Beer exists first and foremost to be enjoyed! So many times you see people standing in a bottle shop getting worked up over what wine will pair with ossa buco, and you feel sorry for them as are over thinking things and not as likely to enjoy their meal as much than if they had relaxed a bit.

New Forum

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

We have released an new forum for the discussion of brewing, drinking, music and pubs / clubs around the Sydney area.
So if you have questions want to rain praise or scorn on an establishment get in there and make your thoughts known to the world.

Channel 9 Encouraging Girls To Hit The Piss

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Claims have been made that Channel 9 encouraged participants of its Ladette To Lady reality tv show to partake in binge drinking during the filming of the show. According to a contestant Bianca Stevens channel 9 brought her “goon” and then allegedly took  her and a mate out on the town spending another $150 dollars on getting them tanked. Really is this a surprise? Mix semi retarded television wanna bees, with scum bag TV producers and it had a fairly predictable outcome.

Of course the contestants are taking no responsibility for getting blind and its all Channel 9’s fault they got in a state. If channel nine knows what is good for them they will see a follow up reality show in this where they take contestants from the shallow end of the gene pool and teach them to take responsibility for their own actions.

Channel 9 is understandably trying to distance its self from the claims it trys to lure innocent young ladies to wreck and ruin via strong drink, with a spokesman  saying “We of course reject any assertion that these girls were somehow plied with alcohol. The whole point of the program is to reflect the participant’s typical behavior , which is precisely what happened.”

Taxes to rise on all booze

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

The Sydney Morning Herald today published a sad story informing us that the Government plans to raise the taxes on all beer wine and spirits to help boost the budget by 3 billion dollars.
So if if you think drink prices are steep already expect it to get worse, I myself would prefer they just stopped spending the money they have on crap as opposed to poaching us for more, but as if that’s likely to happen.