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New Live Music Section

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

We know a good night on the town isn’t just about boozing it up into the early hours, sometimes its good to have some music playing to rock out too! For this reason we have created a “live music” section to aid you in the search of a good live gig to see.

K Rudd’s war on drinking

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Kevin Rudd since coming to power has been pretty keen to prove himself the king of Wowsers, first with his tax hike on premixed drinks then with his war on binge drinking. Finding yourself in incarcerated, assaulted, or lying in a car wreck by the side of the road normally has more to do with dickheads rather than booze, but if the government ad’s are to be believed any of these and worse could happen every time you crack the top off a cold stubby.

Rudd’s campaign has cost a pretty penny but then again  you don’t get comedy writers of any caliber cheap,  looking at their website (as if i can remember a URL that long after a bender!). I saw this beautiful paragraph warning kids how your night can go downhill if you hit the piss a bit too quick:

When you’re falling over, pissing yourself, or having a go at someone it’s too late to realise you’ve hit it too fast. It could have been a great night. Now it’s an embarrassment, or worse.

Hmm definitely some top notch advice they are offering there, and if i thought a website with a super long URL was the end of it though i couldn’t have been more wrong. Going to the loo at the Harbour View Hotel in the city the other week i was greeted by the gem below. I have long admired the posters of ice addicts passing out and ruining their lives on the walls of the men’s toilets, I cant argue with their placement of these ones though. After all if you are indeed binge drinking you are going to be looking this poster every 20 minutes or so for the duration of your night every time you visit the urinal. Well that is until before you end up incarcerated, assaulted, or lying in a car wreck by the side of the road anyhow.

Australian Government Binge Drinking Poster

Click for full size image.

Fight back for real Beer!!!

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Had this blog post from the Sydney Morning Herald’s Jamie Watson yesterday titled “A big beer gutful of hippie brews” emailed to me this morning. The blog post had struck a nerve with most friends of mine, regarding marketers ability to take some thing already perfected and destroy it, through multiple “variations”. They say variety is the spice of life but there seems to be a growing consensus this saying only stretches so far before you end up with something not fit to pass over the lips of a dog.
I remember the days when like beer, buying margarine and milk was a simple choice these days i have trouble finding the original through the swarms of “improved” variations. I think it also highlights the gullibility of the majority of the general public, giving up quality for some imagined benefit, the quote below says it all really:

Skinny beer is similarly pathetic. The truth is that if you want to get
rid of a beer gut it takes hundreds of hours of vigorous exercise. Sitting
on a bar stool drinking some reformulated low-carb concoction isn’t going
to do the trick