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Carlton Draught BottleTimes are tough, the cost of keeping yourself under shelter and fed is getting ridiculous, the recent meltdown of the global economy certainly hasn’t made it any easier either.
Its enough to make you want to drink, main problem being beer, wine and spirits all cost money, which was never spread that thickly on the ground to start with.

Some people may suggest the solution is to stop drinking, but lets be realistic that suggestion is absurd and would only deepen our depression. This site aims to take a more workable avenue allowing you to find pubs around Sydney that offer discounted drinks. Therefore you should be able to keep your sanity have a good time and not hurt the hip pocket too badly.
We will also be aiming to review as many pubs we can crawl to in an effort to spare you the agony of wasting your hard earned money drinking in a shit hole. For those prepared to take a more hands on approach in order controlling their drinking destiny we will also be covering the art of home brewing and how to get started, pointers and where to go from there.

Just knocked off work? Why not check out the maps of Sydney to find a pub near you that can offer an ice cold schooner on the cheap!

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